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Foreign Nationals wishing to obtain a Rwandan Visa, submit their applications to Rwandan Diplomatic Missions of their Country of residence for processing. GENERAL INFORMATION FOR AN APPLICANT SEEKING TO VISIT RWANDA ON A TOURIST VISA TRAVEL DOCUMENT: An applicant should have a valid passport or another acceptable travel document. The document must have […]

Rwanda Visa | Documents required

Types of visas  The airport transit visa (marked A) allows the access into and stay in the international area of an airport until boarding the plane to the country of destination; The transit visa (marked B) allows access on the territory of Romania, for the purpose of transit, for a duration of […]

Romania Visa | Documents required

The Consular Affairs Department receive visa applications from various Qatari embassies and consulates for various cases, especially those that cannot be applied for through the electronic visa system, these applications will be dealt with, and visas approvals shall issued accordingly. Types of Visas issued by the diplomatic, consular and representative […]

Qatar Visa | Documents required