Azerbaijan Visa Types


The Republic of Azerbaijan issues 2 types of visas – entry and transit visas – to foreigners and stateless people.

1. Entry visa;

–   A single- entry visa allows only one entry-exit to the country within this period.

–   A multiple entry visa is valid for 2 years. This visa type allows a person to enter and exit the country several times within relevant period.

A period of staying in the country is limited by a validity period of a visa. A visa becomes invalid if it is not used during its validity period.

2. A single-entry and a double-entry transit visas are issued to foreigners and stateless persons who pass through the Republic of Azerbaijan to a destination outside Azerbaijan. Validity period of a transit visa is 30 days, while staying period in the country is 5 days. Transit visas are granted on the basis of circumstances of a particular transit itinerary, use of air, water, railway and other types of transport means and for a necessary period of time.


Foreigners and stateless persons may obtain ordinary entry visas if they come to the country for the following purposes:

–         Official

–         Business

–         Science and education

–         Labor

–         Tourism

–         Culture and sport

–         Humanitarian

–         Personal travel

–         Medical treatment

Diplomatic or service category entry visas are issued to persons who come to the country for official purposes.

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