Brazil Job offer Visa

Brazil Visa – Visa for Job Offer

For getting work visa in Brazil, the future employer will have to submit the person’s CV, certificates, documents stating his education and work experience and a certified copy of his passport at the Coordenação de Imigração do Ministério de Trabalho.

The following is the list of professionals who can apply for a work visa in Brazil :

  • Professors, researchers and scientists
  • Professionals contracted to render technical assistance and/or technology transfer services
  • Professionals with the power of management (administrators, managers, directors or executives)
  • Professionals working in a position with concomitant managing powers
  • Foreign citizens representing a foreign financial institution
  • Foreign artists or sports persons
  • Professionals working on board of a foreign tourism ship, embarkation or platform
  • Professional training for foreign citizens

Certain documents are mandatory for applying work visa in Brazil. The mandatory documents are

  • Work Permit Application Form
  • Applicant and Candidate Form
  • Officially delegated power of attorney, or with a notarized authenticated signature in the case of a private application, if the applicant is represent by an attorney
  • GRU – State Revenue Collection Guide including proof of payment of the individual immigration tax of BRL 16,93 for the foreign citizen and each of his/her dependents
  • Legible non-notarized copy of the foreign passport’s identification pages, containing the number, name, date of birth, nationality and the photograph

Online application to apply for a job offer visa in Brazil


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