Senegal Visa


The biometric visa, which covers stays from 1 to 90 days with single entry, is issued after pre-collection of the biometric data (fingerprints, photo, iris) and biographical data of the applicant. It also requires the provision of information on travel and accommodation.

This biometric visa is issued at the level of diplomatic and consular posts in the following thirteen countries: France, Spain, Belgium, United States, Italy, China, Cameroon, India, Germany, Mauritania, South Africa, Russia, The Gambia, as well as possibly at Senegal’s border posts.

The visa application (pre-enrollment) is made online on the following website: , upon payment of the sum of 50 euros (online payment) plus a processing fee of 2 , 5 or 5 euros depending on the type of credit card used. These sums are not refunded in case of visa refusal.

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