Angola Visa | Documents required

A Visa to Angola is easy to secure, once you have the necessary documents, and go through the right procedure.

Visa Types

Business Visa

1. One visa application form duly filled in and signed.

2. 1 passport sized photograph to be pasted in the space for photographs

3. original passport + 1 photocopy of pages first and last where personal details are mentioned

4. Invitation letter from Angola duly signed and stamped

5. Copy of tax document paid by the Angolan company – know as (DAR – Documento de Arrecadacao de Receitas-“Document pertaining to the collection of revenues”)

6. Copy of yellow fever vaccination

7. Copy of police clearance from the local Police Ptation

8. Draft for rs.5000/- payable at Delhi in the name of Embassy of the republic of Angola + 2 photocopies of the same with the name of the applicant and company written on the copies.

9. If more than one applicant is applying under the same company then one collective draft should be made.

10. Application form to be filled in capital letters with complete details

Work Visa

1. One visa form duly filled in and signed.

2. Letter requesting for the work visa from the Angolan company.

3. 1 photo pasted in the space for the photograph.

4. Declaration stating you will obey the rules and regulations of Angolan law from time to time.

5. Work contract

6. Educational certificates duly translated into Portuguese language attested by mea, consular division Patiala house, New Delhi.

7. Medical certificate same as above.

8. Police clearance same as above.

9. Curriculum vitae duly translated and attested by notary public.

10. NOC from “Ministerio Da Administracao Publica, Emprego e Seguranca Social” ( Ministry of Public Administration & Social Security).

11. Photocopy of the official gazette bulletin (diario da republica)

12. Photocopy of the registration document (alvara)

13. Photocopy of the (statistical document (registo estatistico)

14. Photocopy of autorization to conduct the external trade (Autorizacao Do Exercio Da Actividade Comercial Externa)

15. Photocopy of “ DAR – Arrecadacao De Receitas.- (document collection of revenues)

Short-term Visa (VCD)

All documents same as for ordinary/entry visa with the exception of the following:
Invitation letter should be countersigned by Ministry of Petroleum (MINPET) in Angola   for the companies strictly operating in the oil sector only.

Processing time is 7 days from the date of submission and after the visa is granted the applicant has to travel to Angola within 72 hours or else the visa will expire.

Residence Visa

1. Visa form, registration form from Angola duly filled in and signed.

2. 1 photo pasted in the space for photographs.

3. Affidavit stating you will obey the rules and regulations in Angola.

4. Work contract

5. Educational certificate

6. Curriculum vitae

7. Police clearance certificate

8. Medical certificate

9. Photocopy of “Diario Da Republica (Gazette Bulletin)

10. Photocopy of Alvara(Registration Document)

11. Photocopy of passport

12. Photocopy of residence proof from the municipality

13. Letter addressed to embassy requesting for the residence visa from company in Angola.

14. For residence visa person has to be living in Angola for more than 5(five) years. .


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