Apostille: What is it? Why it is required? How to get

Apostille: What is it?

In a formal context, an apostille is merely a formality of confirming the legitimacy and reliability of the document. When a document is Apostilled, it means that it has been confirmed and is valid for usage in the country to which it has been Apostilled. The authority issues an apostille sticker and/or apostille stamp.

It is a computer-generated document with a unique identifying number that is attached to the back. This keeps a record online and makes it easier for the appropriate authorities to check the veracity.

There is normally no requirement for additional embassy certification after this installation of the MEA sticker.

Why it is required?

  • When traveling to foreign nations for various reasons, such as getting job visas or work visas, seeking temporary or permanent residency, pursuing education on a student visa, or doing commercial deals such as importing or exporting products, a document apostille is required.
  • This is a condition for countries that are members of the Hague Convention.
  • You can check here for countries part of the Hague Convention.

How to get Apostille / procedure

A) E-sanad:

E-sanad is an e-service for the verification and attestation of Indian citizens’ documents.

  • Visit the website.
  • Pay the fees online
  • Data is available on the MEA site.
  • Then MEA digitally signed / pre-approve the documents.
  • After that Documents are digitally verified by the concerned DIA/GAD.
  • Lastly Attested document with Apostille stickers is dispatched to the applicant.

B) Documents that are not covered E- sanad

  • Contact RAC (regional Authentication centers) with all the documents.
  • Then Documents are deposited with an authorized Outsource Service Provider.
  • Documents deposited by the Outsource agency to the branch secretariat/RPOd having jurisdiction over it.
  • Then agency receives documents from the branch secretariat/RPO duly legalized

How to get your UK documents legalized?

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