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Australian Visa Application Centre Address, Phone number, Location map, Opening hours, Email

Apply Australian Visa

Apply Australian Visa from your country which you can select from the below table.

Choose your country to apply for Visa to Australia

Bahrain – Manama
Bangladesh – Dhaka
Bhutan – Thimphu
Cambodia – Phnom Penh
China – Beijing
China – Shanghai
China – Guangzhou
China – Chengdu
Hong Kong – Hong Kong
India – New Delhi
India – Chandigarh
India – Jalandhar
India – Mumbai-south
India – Mumbai-north
India – Ahmedabad
India – Pune
India – Chennai
India – Hyderabad
India – Bangalore
India – Cochin
India – Kolkata
Indonesia – Jakarata
Kiribati – Tarawa
Kuwait – Kuwait City
Laos – Bangkok
Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar
Myanmar – Yangon
Oman – Muscat
Pakistan – Islamabad
Pakistan – Lahore
Pakistan – Karachi
Philippines – Manila
Philippines – Cebu
Qatar – Doha
Saudi Arabia – Riyadh
Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
Saudi Arabia – Al Khobar
Turkey – Ankara
Turkey – Istanbul
Turkey – Gaziantep
United Arab Emirates – Dubai
United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi
Vietnam – Ha Noi
Vietnam – Ho Minh City
Vietnam – Da Nang City

Australia Immigration & Citizenship website:

Australian government official website

Australian Visa:

Tourist Visa, Entry Visa, Resident Visa, Transit Visa, Double Entry Visa, Student Visa and more. Click here to read more about documents required for Australian Visa

Embassy of Australia in other countries:

Australian Embassy | Consulate Worldwide

Find Embassy of Australia, Consulate of Australia in other countries address, phone number, Email, Australian Visa, Passport related enquiries and more through the below link.

Australian Embassy Worldwide

Australian Consulate Worldwide

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