Belize Embassies | Consulate Worldwide

Belize Embassies | Consulate Worldwide

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belize website:

Belize Government Website :

Belize Visa:

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Find the Belize Embassies | Consulate in your country address, phone number, email, fax, website, services provided in the below link.

Belize Embassy Worldwide

Belgium – Brussels
Cuba – Havana
Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo
El Salvador – San Salvador
Guatemala – Guatemala City
Holy See – Holy See
Honduras – Tegucigalpa
Japan – Tokyo
Mexico – Mexico City
Taiwan – Taipei
United Kingdom – London
United States – Washington D.c

Belize Consulate World wide

Australia – Sydney
Bahamas – Nassau
Brazil – Fortaleza
Canada – Calgary
Chile – Santiago
Costa Rica – San Jose
Cyprus – Nicosia
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Bordeaux
Germany – Frankfurt Am Main
Germany – Stuttgart
Greece – Athens
Grenada – St. Georges
Haiti – Port-au-prince
Honduras – San Pedro Sula
India – New Delhi
Ireland – Dublin
Israel – Tel Aviv
Italy – Milan
Jamaica – Kingston
The Republic Of Korea – Seoul
Lebanon – Tripoli Lb
Mauritius – Port Louis
Mexico – Chetumal
Mexico – Merida
Mexico – Monterrey
Mexico – Veracruz
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Nigeria – Abuja
Norway – Aalesund
Panama – Panama City
Panama – Colon
Philippines – Manila
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines – Kingstown
Singapore – Singapore
Slovakia – Bratislava
Spain – Barcelona
Sweden – Stockholm
Trinidad And Tobago – Port-of-spain
Turkey – Istanbul
Turkey – Izmir
United States – Atlanta
United States – Belleville
United States – Chicago
United States – Dallas
United States – Dayton
United States – Houston
United States – Los Angeles
United States – Miami
United States – New Orleans
United States – San Antonio
United States – San Francisco
United States – Wilmington
Venezuela – Caracas

Immigration Office Belize

View details about Belize Immigration office from the above link.

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