British Honorary Consulate in Fethiye, Turkey 1

British Honorary Consulate Address, Phone number, Location, Opening hours, Email in Fethiye, Turkey

Address: British Honorary Consulate Fethiye
Ataturk Caddesi Likya Merkezi Kat: 2 No
202 48300 Fethiye

Phone: Tel:
+90 252 614 63 02
+90 252 614 83 94



Opening hours: Monday 14:00-16:00
Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Wednesday Closed to the public
Thursday 10:00-12:00
Friday 14:00-16:00 (local time)

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One thought on “British Honorary Consulate in Fethiye, Turkey

  • Mr David Dawson

    I have real concerns about my wife, she openly suffers from anxiety and depression but does not take medication. Because of the world pandemic and two boys that need constant supervision due to their special needs it is very difficult for me to travel to Turkey, i have now had two doses of the vaccine and have asked my local MP’s office if there is any kind of special dispensation for me to travel to Turkey while it is on the Red List, but before I commit to such an ordeal I thought I would ask if your good office could provide any sort of assistance.

    Two years ago my wife left our very stressful family home leaving me to take care of our youngest two children, saying that she needed to find herself, she was staying in an apartment in Kalkan that she had rented for a year, and was helping out at KAPSA and was in regular contact with me and our five children.

    Since then we as a family have tried to reason with her to come home, which she did over Christmas 2019, travelling back from Kalkan with a friend she had made out there, when I spoke to her over that Christmas she had no real friends and no prospects in Kalkan and when the rent on her apartment was up she would come home, she travelled back out to Kalkan on the 28th December 2019 with her friend.

    In March 2020 I had not heard much from Amanda, I knew her lease was going to expire on the 18th March 2020 and when I heard that England was going towards a lock down because of COVID I travelled to Kalkan with the intention to help pack up her apartment and support her getting home.

    When I arrived in Kalkan I found her apartment was empty, so I frantically rang around all the connections I had, and found that she was working in the Samira Hotel in Kalkan, I went to see if I could find her, she did indeed work there but she wasn’t there. Later that day all flights to the UK were grounded so I had to get the first available flight home rather than staying for a week as planned, as I couldn’t afford to be marooned in Turkey because of the children.

    Since then we have had very little communication from her apart from when she needs money, I know the Samira Hotel did not open last season, I have no idea how she is financing her life, whether she has the right visa to be staying in Turkey for so long, she regularly posts on facebook about her anxiety and depression and the good expats of Kalkan boost her up and keep telling her to keep going.

    Her Mother or her children don’t even have an address for her and my youngest daughter is the only one that gets the odd message, I was shown a facebook post of a Turkish man with Amanda, below the picture in the post his children are asking who she was. She has also said to my daughter that she feels trapped and controlled, so my concerns are that something sinister may be going on and she may be being controlled by this man somehow?

    When I told the friend that travelled back with Amanda at Christmas that they may be together, she claimed that that was doubtful as she knew this man, he is a chef who is very conservative and didn’t like western women that talk to men and drink alcohol. If they are together I believe they are staying in Yesilkoy which is about 7km outside Kalkan.

    I am a realist and understand that couples break up but this is nothing like I have ever seen or heard of before, our children even though they are very challenging, where her life and it would not be right by our five children if I did not try my utmost to get their mother back into their lives.

    Tayfun Saygili is the name of the chef
    Mrs Amanda Dawson DOB 24/12/1967
    Passport number 53141839

    Any advice on what actions I could take would be duly appreciated, and I would be truly grateful for any assistance you could provide reuniting our family.

    If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kindest regards
    Mr David Colin Dawson