Canada Visa Application Centre in Erbil, Iraq 9

Canada Visa Application Centre in Erbil, Iraq Address, Phone number, Location, Opening hours, Email

Address: Visa Application Centre Kuningan City Mall, 2nd floor No. L2-19, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18, Setiabudi, Kuningan, Jakarta – 12940

Phone: +62 800 140 1762 , +62 21 3041 8708 


Business hours: Monday to Friday (09:00am – 17:00pm)
Passport collection:
Monday to Friday (09:00am – 17:00pm)
Walk-in hours:
Monday to Friday (09:00am- 17:00pm)

Canada Immigration & Citizenship website:

Canadian government official website:

Canada Visa Application Centre in Iraq official Website:

Map: View Google direction here

How to book an appointment with Canada Visa Application Centre in Erbil, Iraq?

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your registered account (Email and password)
  3. Book the appointment.

How to check / track Status of Canada Visa Application?

Canada Immigration Center will email once your visa is ready. If you still want to get in touch, you should check for SMS service in the center while you apply.

For more details, visit

List of Holidays following in Canada Visa Application Centre (VFS Global)

21 March Newroz day
22 March Newroz day
17 April Easter day
1 May Labour day
2 May Eid AI-Fit
3 May Eid AI-Fitr
10 July Eid AI-Adha
11 July Eid AI-Adha
14 July Republic Day
9 October Thanksgiving Day
25 December Christmas Day

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9 thoughts on “Canada Visa Application Centre in Erbil, Iraq

  • ranin shamaun

    hi sir , i just want to get an appointment to submit my application to get canada visa ,
    so please i need your help to get an appointment and what is the documents that i should prepare it
    thanks alot
    ranin shamaun

  • سلیمان رادفر

    سلاوتان لی بی سلیمان رادفرم له شاری سردشت چند روژ له مه وبر پیوه ندیم به شریکه ی CLS له که نه دا کردوه نا مه یکی بو ناردوم بو ورگرتنی ویزا ده توانم بیم له وی ویزا ورگرم؟ یا نه؟تکایه اموژگاریم بکن

  • waad saed aqrawy

    Dear sir,

    I hope you doing fine,

    My name is Waad Saeed Aqrawy (wally) I am honored to serve as interpreter with the Coalition Forces in Iraq from 15/03/2006 till 20/11/2011, I have (5) medals of courage I have (28) letters of appreciation and recommendation I received from Coalition Forces.

    when I served with the Coalition Forces at 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008 there was no SIV program. Honestly, I did not plan to go to America or Europe at the time I served with the Coalition Forces , at the most dangerous and bloody of years in Iraq because I still believed my rights would be honored I served and risked my life and family’s life because I loved freedom, I served for fdemocracy for the Iraqi people, and now I have become a target as people are threatening my family due to my previous job with Coalition Forces , as you care and overlook on August 6, 2014 Kurdish foes broke out a brutal attack to the Kurdish districts, sub-districts, and villages. one of the hometowns which harshly and severely assaulted by a terrorist group was my hometown( Gwer) sub-district, that was the day of our sorrows and nightmare started. wherewith I was the resident of Gwer and we fled right the way so as not to be taken and abducted by that terrorist group. for this reason we left everything we had including; house, money, luggage, and we lost even the glimpse of hope we used to have. while all these things and the place invaded by terrorist group .

    After the nasty and extreme conduction of terrorist group, we moved to relocate in Erbil and rent house of $ 300 a month .

    There many Extremist Muslim in my hometown (Gwer) they hate me and the call me( apostate, traitor ) because of my previous job as interpreter with the Coalition Forces , I do not know who is the enemy.

    Today, my family and I suffering terribly from fear and horror, this is our daily life, it is virtually unbearable, I beg CANADA government & Coalition Forces , to help me and my family to have an immigrant visa .

    for your kind information I am (IOM) case holder from May 2015 .

    God bless CANADA.
    waad Aqrawy.

  • Handa

    Hello ,its been 3 days iam trying to call canadian visa office in erbil there is 2 phone numbers but i cannot reach non of them just ringing no body replays just computer whats going on how could people reach them like that someone should take care of this problem please They must be committed to perpetuity thank u

  • Harman Hussein

    Hello there,
    I hope you doing fine,
    I am Harman 25 years old I have been finished college english department last yes so I like to apply for resident visa so if you could help me with that I would be thankful….
    I will be waiting for your reply, thanks…
    Here is also my phone number

  • Kerim Gany

    I am trying to call Canada visa office centre in erbil for two weeks now, I couldn’t get hold of you because giving me a busy signal all the time and my time running out the immigration office in Bucharest gave one month to submit my passport and photos to a VAC to get my canadian visa. Please contact me as soon as possible.