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About Chile

Chile is a small, long country that stretches down the west coast of South America like a ribbon. Despite being almost 4,000 miles (6,437 kilometers) long, the shoreline is only around 61 miles (91 kilometers) wide. South America’s southernmost point, Cape Horn, is the world’s southernmost point. Prior to the construction of the Panama Canal, ships had to round the horn to go from the Pacific to the Atlantic and then to Europe. Chile visa is easy to obtain.

Natural beauty, as well as plant and animal life, abound in this area. The National Congress and the Senate are the two houses of Congress.

Why Chile is famous?

  • Chile’s countryside climate is ideal for making good wine.
  • Easter Island is a remote and magnificent destination to discover.
  • Although Chile as a whole isn’t known for its street art, this small town on the Pacific coast is.
  • Gran Torre is the name given to the skyscraper. After taking a guided tour of Santiago’s streets, pay a visit to the structure.
  • Chile’s National Team is without a doubt the most well-known Chileans in the country.

How to apply for Chile Visa

  • Because Chile has an open immigration policy (particularly toward Western countries), visas are generally easy to obtain and inexpensive.
  • After your application has been approved, you must withdraw your visa in person at the Chilean Consulate in your country.
  • The price is determined by your nationality. You have 90 days from the time the visa is issued to enter Chilean territory.
  • To register your visa, you must go to the PDI (Policia de Investigaciones) with your passport and a few hundred pesos in cash after you arrive in Chile.
  • After that, you must go to a Registro Civil office to obtain your identity card. You’ll need your passport, as well as a photocopy of the passport page with your photo and the visa page.

Documents required for Chile Visa

  • Original valid Passport ( with validity atleast 6 months)
  • To and fro confirmed Air Ticket(s)
  • Contact in Chile : Letter of Invitation / Sponsorship in original from Chile duly signedwith name, address, telephone etc. of the person to be contacted. Invitation by e-mail not accepted.
  • Letter of recommendation from the organization where the applicant is working for. Membership Certificate/Recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (eg. FICCI, CII, FIEO, I.T.P.O, etc.)/ Export Promotion Council etc. where ever applicable
  • Product Profile/Activity of the company Where the Applicant is working .
  • Documentary proof of financial soundness of the Applicant.( Applicable in case of tourists )
  • Details of Bankers being dealt with.
  • Hotel Booking details (Applicable in case of tourists)

Visa Fee :

  • US$ 20 ( for Single Entry, max. stay up to 90 days)
  • US$30 ( for Multiple Entries, max. stay up to 90 days)

Types of visa 

1. Tourist visa

  • Because Chile has numerous reciprocal agreements, citizens of many countries are not need to apply for a visa prior to visiting Chile as a tourist.
  • The tourist visa permits the holder to stay in Chile for 90 days, with the option to extend their stay.

2.  Student temporary resident visa

  • It also permits students to perform an internship in a Chilean company if the company and their institution or school in their home country have reached an internship agreement.

3. International orientation visa

  • The international orientation visa permits skilled professionals to stay in Chile for a year and look for work.

4. Opportunity visa

  • For a year, professionals and technicians with an opportunity visa can live in Chile and look for jobs. A points system is used to award this sort of visa.

5. Resident visa 

  • The processing time for this visa is roughly 5 weeks, as the application must be accepted by Chile. The visa is thereafter valid for one year.

What is the processing time for a Chile visa?

  • The application for a visa to Chile takes roughly 15 to 20 days to process.

Best place to visit Chile

1. Santiago

Apart from being Chile’s financial and business center, it is the country’s cultural capital. It is the country’s entertainment hub, where you may participate in a variety of entertaining activities.


2. The Chilean Lake District

From Temuco to Puerto Montt, the Chilean Lake District is around 330 kilometers away. It mimics Europe’s alpine areas. There are many gorgeous and natural sites to explore in this area, so it’s worth investigating.

The Chilean Lake District

3. Valparaiso

It is Chile’s third-largest city, situated between the sea and a mountain range on the coast. It’s 112 kilometers northwest of Santiago city.


4. Luca National Park 

This National Park is found in the northwestern part of Chile. It is 140 kilometers from Africa’s capital city and encompasses an area of 1300 square kilometers.

Luca National Park

5. Pumalin Park

This park is one of Chile’s most popular tourist destinations. Since its establishment as a natural sanctuary in 2005, it has grown in popularity as one of Chile’s most important and popular conservative places.

Pumalin Park

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