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3 thoughts on “Consulates of Argentina Worldwide

  • abed mohamed

    i love a girl from Argentina and we want to marry but the problem i don’t have an Argentinian embassy here in Jordan please is there any solution for my problem , can we make a online application?
    thank you.

  • Valerie

    I am hoping that you would be able to assist me or direct me. I am a US citizen living in Kentucky. My grandparents live in Argentina. We have had a small emergency and at the moment. Out of my family I am the only who has an active passport as of right now.
    I know that at this moment Argentina has a level 4.
    I wanted to know what sort of process would I need to be able to enter Argentina and help out my family. I would be flying to the Airport in Mendoza; my family is in San Juan.
    I am just needing some clarification on what I need to do and if there is anything that they need to do?
    Please provide me with an e-mail to write to the correct person or a number to call.


    Dear Sir./Madam

    This is Mahmoud Said from Egypt, I would like to immigrate to Argentina for business. May I know what is required documents are?