Dubai Immigration Offices in Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3, Dubai 25

Dubai Immigration Offices Address, Phone number, Location, Passport information, Opening hours, Email in Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3

Immigration Service in Dubai

Address: Terminal 3, Location Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3, PO Box: UAE Dubai – PO Box: 4333.

Phone: 04 31399998005111.


Dubai Visa contact details

To enquire about visa and related matters:

Phone: 8005111 (Amer Service, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai Hotline)

For lost documents or other personal belongings, please follow the procedure given at: Report lost or stolen items to Dubai Police

Visa on Arrival

Check the GCC Visa on Arrival and citizens of below countries can get visa on arrival at Dubai :

Dubai Passport Enquiries

For any enquiries regarding Dubai passport, please follow the link

Emergency Contact numbers in Dubai:

Keep this emergency numbers when you are in Dubai

Use the following numbers to complain about criminal activity or if someone is harassing you:

  • Hotline to complain about human trafficking:800-7283
  • Tourist Security Department of Dubai Police: 800-4438
  • Criminal Pursuit Department of Dubai Police: 04-2881226
  • Wanted Persons Department of Dubai Police: 04-2660929
  • Victim Support Programme of Dubai Police: 800-8989

Dubai Call Center (Amer Service)

For any complaints, suggestions and enquiries available via voice, fax, e-mail and e-chat, please contact the below.

Amer Business hours: Sunday to Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM (EST),

Friday, Saturday and UAE public holidays: Closed

Toll Free: 8005111 (24-hour)

Toll Free: +971 4 313 9999 (24-hour)

Telephone (International): +9714 5011111

Fax: +9714 5011111


Mailing address: General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA-D) P.O BOX: 4333 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Is there any problem / complaint with reaching the Dubai Immigration Offices in Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3 Address or Phone number? Please report any issues using the below comment form.

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25 thoughts on “Dubai Immigration Offices in Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3, Dubai

  • Ramachandran Rajagopal

    I was travelling on 02 May 18 to Bangalore by Emirates flight 568 and had a harrowing and harassing experience with the Immigration officers at Terminal 3 which made me miss my flight .

    My mother was on a long term tourist visa (90 days) and was leaving after 88 days. The immigration computer terminals were not working and the immigration officer could have easily calculated the number of days manually and let us proceed. Instead he directed my elderly mother who as it is had a spinal injury to a “Room no 4” where there was very callous attitude by the immigration officer who refused to attend to us in time . In fact there were a mother and baby crying because of this attitude. Unfortunately by the time he decided to attend to us and clear our passports, the flight to Bangalore had already taken off

    To rub some extra salt on our wounds, the Emirates ticketing authorities decided to charge us with more money to reschedule us on the next flight instead of waiving it off. (as there was no fault of us getting held up in immigration due to their computer malfunction)

    Most harrowing experience for an elderly lady who was leaving on time .


    السلام عليكم
    الوالدة سعودية الجنسية والرحلة إلى دبي غدا
    وترغب في إصطحاب الشغالة معاها لكن الشغالة على كفالة إبنها ولن يكون معاها في الرحلة
    هل من اللمكن إستخراج فيزا للشغالة في هذة الحالة

  • Moustafa Khedr

    I am trying to reach the immigration office o any passport control office using the numbers provided by AMER with no response.
    I used the below no
    Office in duty no.
    Dubai Passport Control office NOs:
    I have a serious issue, I am out of UAE but the system shows me that I am still inside the country althoug I left the UAE at 7th of March 2019 PM and I entered KSA at the same day using Dubai Airport. I tried to issue a new visa but the system doesnot allow so,
    Please help and support,

      • Immaculate

        I exited Dubai on 20th April through Dubai Airport bt the system shows I’m still in Dubai n running an overstay I have tried to send somebody to terminal 3 to no avail please help

    • Feng

      Same here.

      And when I called +97143139999 they gave me another number which was no answer at all times and I called back again, they gave me another 2 numbers and when I called to those numbers, the person who received the call was so rude and just cut the call directly after hearing I was speaking English. Later I called back again and this person claimed that I called a wrong number and gave me another number which it was not able to go through. In total I made 20 – 30 calls to 5 different numbers and still could not solve my problem.

      This is the most terrible customer service I have ever had.

  • rahim kurlawala

    ir my technical problem is that i was in india and my sponsor mr.peter from proline shipping company Dubai had cancelled my residence visa but i still do not know whether he had cancelled from immigration department and Dubai airport system, because i want to come to Dubai on visit visa and maybe i face a problem, so i just want to get confirmed that am i eligible to come to dubai without facing any problem since i was staying in dubai and regularly working in Dubai since 1993 till 2006 with no false records.
    My request to yourgoodself to kindly give me the confirmation letter of my residence visa cancellation confirmation from Dubai immigration, labour, and airport system so that i can freely come to Dubai without hesitation.
    My sponsor mobile no is 0097150 6465955 with company name proline shipping company.

  • Manojkumar k

    My name is Manojkumar my wife is going to India 18 April 2021 his visa was experd 7 July 2021 this situation is COVID 19.when here opening the flight operation start,she possible to come back in UAE

  • daleem irfan

    Hi sir
    My name is DALEEM IRFAN and i am INDIAN NATIONAL and having BAHRAIN RESIDENT VISA and i DO JOB IN BAHRAIN here and i would like to visit dubai and Sir i m totally fedup with making followup on email ond on chat no concrete solution I have applied for DUBAI TOURIST VISA I got the message that old application from ‘ABU DABHI POULTRY FARM’ is STILL ACTIVE in system in my name.but I am unable to understand if I have not received visa for that application how it’s still active and It should be automatically cancel by default secondly after that I HAVE TRAVEL 2 TIME DUBAI TOURIST VISA in 2018 and 2019 after this application. I have BOTH EXIT AND ENTRY STAMPS OF THESE 2 VISITS OF 2019 and 2018 ON MY PASSPORT.I have applied for tourist visa I am also attaching detail of application .please DELETE THE OLD APPLICATION OF ABU DABHI POLTRY FARM of 2015 in order to get the tourist visa .IF YOU WANT SIR I CAN SEND YOU MY EXIT AND ENTRY STAMPS OF PASSPORT FOR 2018 AND 2019 DUBAI VISIT ALONG WITH MY CURRENT RESIDENT BAHRAIN VISA.PLEASE HELP ME TO RESOLVE THE SAME.

    Name Daleem irfan
    Application 22220131014478
    Indian citizen
    passport no-Z 5778247

  • Julius Lusky

    A friend is being held by he Dubai authorities unless she pays them $3000.00 that should not stand.. She does have money and shuld be exallowed to leave the country. She is detained ecause she has diet pills prescribed her doctor and apparently they are illegal in Dubai. Our Embassy is not helpful….. Susan needs help now. Can someone help her. She has to get back to the states. Dubai is attempting to extort money from Susan. Someone shoud help.her expecially with a prescription.. She needs to get back to the states.. She should not be held for this minor infration… Our embasssy should help her out.

  • Lele

    The DUBAI AIRPORT staff are RACIST. Alwasy stopping blqck people from transisting through the airport. African countriws MUST stop doing business with you.

  • Charles LeBrun


    I’m writing to you for some information my name is Charles LeBrun of Maltese origin and have been living in England for the past and is now my country of residence. The reason that I’m contacting is that this year I was given eight-month custodial sentence suspended for twelve months. The offence is that, whilst being a member of a jury in a crown court case, I made a mistake and made some research media on the case. This is a first offence with the police and due the sentencing I now have a criminal record.

    I’m seventy years old and have never been in trouble with the police as I have already told you, but I have plans to re visit Dubai on a cruise/stay and will the criminal record have an effect for me to apply for an entry visa . I do have court support documents to provide if required.

    Kind Regards

    Mr. Charles LeBrun
    Good Evening! Welcome Charl

  • Kally

    I have an Indian passport with valid UK residency in my old passport, I carry my old and current passports when travelling, can I obtain a visa on arrival in Dubai
    I’m not getting an answer and was asked to contact airport immigration terminal 3 and unable to get through my email is

  • Afaq butt

    What is the new rule of passport in uae ?
    If have only singal sur name on passport he say u can not travel what we do he give visa before
    If passenger in dubai what he do u give visa already that’s why he come in uae nd also help call center not pick up the call