How to apply and obtain Equatorial Guinea Visa: Procedures, Documents required, Cost?

About Equatorial Guinea 

It is a tropical country in central West Africa bordered by the Bight of Biafra (Atlantic Ocean) between Cameroon and Gabon, has maritime boundaries with Nigeria and So Tomé and Principe. Equatorial Guinea is made up of five inhabited islands and a piece of the African continent known as Ro Muni. With a surface size of 28,000 km2, the country is slightly smaller than Belgium or the state of Maryland in the United States.

Malabo is the capital city on Bioko Island, while Bata (pop. 250,000) is the largest city, a port city on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore in the Litoral Province of Ro Muni. Spanish (national), French, and Portuguese are the most often spoken languages.

Why Equatorial Guinea is famous?

  • Spanish is the only official language in Equatorial Guinea.
  • The police, military, president, administration, government, and Congress will all have new headquarters in Oyala.
  • The current president, Teodoro Obiang, is one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders.
  • According to total land area, it is the smallest African country to be a member of the UN.
  • It boasts the highest rate of adult literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The country has a tradition of manufacturing masks and sculptures.

How to apply for Equatorial Guinea

  • Download the application and fill it out completely.
  • Send the form to the embassy.
  • The consular service will contact the applicant to inform him that his case has been resolved.
  • If your file has been accepted, an appointment will be given to you with instructions to complete the process.

Documents required

  • Two copies of the visa application form are filled out and signed by the applicant. A form that is unsigned and/or incomplete will be rejected.
  • Two current color passport-size pictures of the applicant.
  • Return air ticket.
  • The vaccination file contains the yellow fever vaccine.
  • Visa applications are typically processed in two days. Applicants are responsible for delivering and retrieving their passports from the Embassy.

Types of Visa

1. Business Visa

  • Invitation from the company that will be receiving you in Equatorial Guinea, together with a full explanation of the reasons for your trip.

2. Tourism

  • Your bank’s letter certifies that you have at least 2,000 euros in your account.
  • Hotel reservation

3. Family visit

  • Your family has been invited to Equatorial Guinea.

4. Religious

  • Invitation from your contact in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Authorization from the Ministry of Justice, Worship, and Penitentiary Establishments (in Malabo or Bata).

What is the processing time?

  • Normally, visa applications are handled within 9 working days.

Best place to visit Equatorial Guinea Visa

1. Paradise Island of Corisco

Corisco is located 31 miles off the coast of Equatoguinea. Its pristine sand beaches and crystal clear waters entice visitors from all over the world.

Paradise Island of Corisco

2. Ilachi Waterfalls

These waterfalls are more than 155 miles in height and are the largest in the country. Getting to them is a jungle book adventure.

Ilachi Waterfalls

3. Monte Allen National Park

Monte Allen National Park’s oldest and largest protected region is 1242 square miles. There is a wide range of animals, including gorillas, chimps, leopards, and even elephants.

Monte Allen National Park

4. Basile Peak

The highest point in the country is Basile Peak. It is spectacular and can be seen from every location on Bioko Island. You will be able to see Mother Bisila on your way to the top.

Basile Peak

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