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About Georgia

Georgia is a state that is a constituent of the United States of America. It is the fourth-largest state east of the Mississippi River in terms of total size (albeit first in terms of land area), and it is the youngest of the thirteen former English colonies, having been established only a few decades ago. In 1732, Georgia was established, and its borders were far more expansive at the time, encompassing much of what is now the states of Alabama and Mississippi today.

Georgia has a population of around 5 million people. It is a country with a great deal of ethnic and religious diversity. Due to the absence of an official state religion in Georgia, the country is considered to be secular.

Georgia is one of the most tolerant countries in the world because of its diversity. Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or political party, is treated equally. Everyone’s rights are protected equally, and the rule of law takes precedence.

Despite its tiny size, Georgia has a remarkably diversified climate. Even in the coldest months (December through February), the winters are brief and moderate.
The average summer temperature is 32 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the average winter temperature is 1.5 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Why is Georgia Famous for?

  • Pecans, peanuts, and Vidalia onions are all produced in Georgia, which is known as the Peach State. Onions grown in this region are renowned for their sweetness and are among the best in the world.
  • A drive-in restaurant in Atlanta has the distinction of being the world’s largest, occupying an area of more than two acres. 600 automobiles can fit in the Varsity.
  • Every year on New Year’s Eve, over 4,000 people travel to Tallapoosa, Georgia, to see the dropping of a taxidermy opossum.
  • Located in Stone Mountain Park, the park claims to be home to the world’s largest granite block.
  • Starting to walk across a city is a terrific approach to learn more about it. This walking tour of old Savannah is led by a knowledgeable guide.


How to apply and obtain Georgian Visa? and What are the Documents required?

Apply through the e-Visa portal of the Georgian government to obtain the visa

register and fill online visa applications and upload scanned documents as per the checklist of selected visa categories on the following link: Kindly click here for visa categories and a checklist.

Visit Georgia Visa Application Centre during working hours

Georgian Visa types:

There are mainly Short stay visas, Transit visas, Long term visas and subdivided into the following types

1. Diplomatic (A)

A1 category visa

in Georgia for the state, official, business, friendly, or unofficial visits by representatives of foreign legislative and executive bodies, as well as delegates at the highest levels of those delegations and their family members.

A2 category visa

It’s given to Georgian diplomats and their families who work in diplomatic or comparable missions in the country, as well as to consular officers and their families who have been awarded diplomatic status by Georgia.

A3 category visa

for diplomatic movers and shakers and those on a special diplomatic mission to the country of Georgia

A4 category visa

If they are citizens of a foreign country, honorary consuls of Georgia and their family members are provided with this document.

A5 category visa

in the national interest of Georgia, is issued to those who hold a business/official or ordinary passport and are entering Georgia on various missions (including diplomatic passports)

2 Special (B)

B1 category visa foreign delegation members, service passport holders visiting Georgia on business, their family members, and anybody else accompanying them are eligible to receive this document.

B2 category visa 

can be obtained by employees of foreign diplomatic missions as well as their families; employees of humanitarian organizations based in Georgia; as well as their families and domestic workers, who are accompanying those with A2 diplomatic visas.

B3 category visa

international treaty participants, members of the peacekeeping and other military contingents stationed in Georgia under an international treaty, and their family members are eligible for Georgian visas.

B4 category visa

is provided to foreign nationals who come to Georgia to participate in missions that are in Georgia’s national interest.

3. Ordinary (C)

C1 category visa

travel visas for the purpose of sightseeing in Georgia are required for all visitors.

C2 category visa

is issued to persons arriving in Georgia to visit relatives and friends, and to freelancers

C3 category visa

are those coming to Georgia for meetings and negotiations, those attending scientific workshops and conferences, as well as those taking part in other types of research, education, culture, or sports; journalists; crew members of ships docked in Georgian ports; international truck drivers; and international bus drivers.

C4 category visa

a guardian or caregiver of a Georgian citizen, persons under guardianship or care of a Georgian citizen; persons arriving in Georgia for treatment; persons visiting graves of relatives and friends, persons arriving with the purpose of pilgrimage; persons arriving for humanitarian assistance during life-threatening situations

4 Immigration (D)

D1 category visa

people arriving in Georgia to work; company representatives and consultants performing official tasks in Georgia; contract workers from other countries in Georgia; and people in Georgia who are engaging in entrepreneurial activity in accordance with Georgian law;

D2 category visa

is provided for anyone traveling to Georgia to conduct out scientific, sporting, cultural or educational activity; freelancers; foreigners coming to Georgia as interns or volunteers; press workers coming to Georgia to carry out their professional activities

D3 category visa

can be obtained by anyone entering the country with the intent to study or conduct research at an accredited educational institution or as part of an international educational program;

D4 category visa

is given to those who travel to Georgia in order to reunite with family;

D5 category visa

issued to the individual – and their family members – if they own real property in Georgia (other than agricultural land) with a market worth surpassing USD 100 000 equivalent in GEL, as stipulated by Georgian law.

5. Transit (T)

T category visa

is given to foreign nationals passing through Georgia on their way to another country. A transit visa can be used for up to ten days.

Apply and obtain Georgian Short stay (short-term C category Georgian visa)Visa

For short stay (short-term C category Georgian visa) apply through e-visa portal

  1. Apply through e-visa
  2. Upload the necessary documents
  3. Wait for the confirmation email.
  4. Once received the email, confirm within 1 hour.
  5. Once confirmed, make the payment online within 5 minutes to avoid the visa cancellation.
  6. Your e-visa is ready.

All other Georgian Visa: Steps to apply

For any category visa, apply through the e-application system

  1. Select the citizenship/status of whether you are a Georgian citizen or Foreign citizen or a person with stateless status in Georgia or a Foreign citizen holder of a Georgian residence permit.
  2. Enter the required details and the personal details
  3. Submit the required documents to proceed to apply for the required visa type.

*You must be able to present all the required documents at the Georgian state border

  • Travel Document/Passport
  • Document proving the purpose of travel
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Document proving sufficient financial means

For more details, please visit here

In either way, you can apply through Georgian visa application center located all over the world

Visa-free country to enter Georgia

Some countries can enter Georgia without taking Georgian Visa for 1 (One) Full Year. Check the below list

Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Ecuador Kuwait Norway South Korea
Andorra Botswana El Salvador Kyrgyzstan Oman Switzerland
Antigua and Barbuda Brazil EU States Lebanon Panama Tajikistan
Argentina British Dependent Territories (1) French Republic Territories(4) Liechtenstein Qatar Thailand
Armenia British Overseas Territories(2) Holy See Malaysia Russia Turkey
Australia Brunei Honduras Mauritius Saint Vincent and Grenadines Turkmenistan
Azerbaijan Canada Iceland Mexico San Marino Ukraine
Bahamas Chile (90/180 days) Iran (45 days) Moldova Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Bahrain Colombia Israel Monaco Serbia United States of America
Barbados Costa Rica Japan Montenegro Seychelles Uruguay (90days)
Belarus Denmark Territories (3) Jordan Netherlands Territories(5) Singapore Uzbekistan
Belize Dominican Republic Kazakhstan New Zealand South Africa

How and where to get a criminal record for the travel?

Inquiries on criminal background, criminal record restrictions, and criminal record inspections are handled by the GCIC Lobby Office.

GCIC Lobby Office Records Inspections and Fingerprint Services are only available by appointment.

Complete Record Restriction Applications and Criminal History Updates may be mailed to:
Georgia Crime Information Center
P.O. Box 370808
Decatur, Georgia 30037

You may call 404-244-2639 option 1 for an appointment.

An official Georgia criminal history record can be obtained from the majority of sheriff’s offices and police stations. A copy of your Georgia criminal record can be obtained through your local police department.

Best place to visit in Georgia

1. Ushguli

Ushguli is a small cluster of mountain villages in the Svaneti region of the Caucasus. I can confidently state that Ushguli is one of the most amazing sites I’ve ever been to after nearly five years of nonstop global travel.


2. Tbilisi

Tbilisi is home to a thriving nightlife, an abundance of high-quality lodging, and a plethora of historically significant attractions.


3. Batumi

The botanical garden is large, and there are a lot of black pebble beaches. Beautiful, cutting-edge architecture may be found at Batumi.


4. Mestia

Located in the Caucasus mountains, Mestia is the capital of the Svaneti region. Still, getting to Ushguli isn’t easy, even if the journey isn’t quite as long as it would be to Ushguli.


5. Kazbegi

Georgia’s Gergeti Trinity Church, located on a mountainside near Mount Kazbegi, is one of the country’s most identifiable symbols.


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