How to apply and obtain a Visa to South Africa?: Procedures, Documents required, Types of Visa, Validity, Cost

Procedure to apply and obtain a Visa to South Africa?

  • Visitors’ visas are required for foreign nationals (citizens of other countries) who intend to temporarily enter South Africa for business or tourism stays lasting no more than ninety days and who permanently reside outside the nation.
  • With the visa, you can visit any port of entry in South Africa. There, an immigration officer will decide whether or not you can enter the country and how long you can stay for that specific visit. The activities or purposes for which visitors were granted visas are the only ones they can engage in.
  • You can apply for a South African visa online or at a South African embassy or consulate in your home country.
  • You can apply online here.
  • upload the documents
  • Pay the fees.
  • A valid visa is equivalent to a visitor’s permission at the point of entry into South Africa. The duration of the permit is determined by starting from the date of admission into the nation and is indicated on the visa label under the “conditions” heading. Make sure you apply for the appropriate visa or permit. If the reason for the visit was not declared accurately, entry into the nation may be refused.
  • Visas are not granted at South African ports of entry, and before permitting a passenger to board, airline staff are required to request a valid visa. Immigration officers are required to book you on a flight back to your home country if you arrive without a valid visa.

Countries that are exempted from visa.

Documents Required

  • A passport or other valid travel document that will not expire for at least 30 days following the planned visit.
  • At least TWO unused pages in your passport are required for arrival and departure endorsements.
  • A completed Form BI-84, which is the visa application.
  • Payment receipt.
  • A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, if necessary.
  • A declaration and/or supporting paperwork outlining the reason for and length of your travel.
  • Two passport photos in color.
  • A return or onward ticket if you are traveling by air
  • If any minor children are traveling with you or joining you in South Africa, the following extra documentation will be required.
  • Proof of financial means to pay for your living expenses while in South Africa.

Types of visa

1. Visas for medical treatment

  • Those who wish to travel to South Africa for shorter stays than three months for medical treatment can apply for this visitor’s visa.

2. Visas for working in the entertainment industry 

  • If your country is not exempt from South African visa requirements and you do not plan to work there for more than six months, you must: pay the required fee, submit an application for a visa along with the necessary documentation, and request permission to work on the visitor’s visa at the closest South African embassy or mission.
    If accepted, an endorsement will be added to your visa allowing you to remain and work for a maximum of thirty to ninety days.

3. Business Visa

  • Those from other countries who are considering making a business establishment or investment in an already-existing business in South Africa are required to apply for a business visa. It will be necessary for you as an applicant to make a specified financial capital commitment.

4. Work Visa

  • Only in cases when South African natives possessing the necessary abilities are unemployed can work visas be granted to foreign nationals. Applications for these visas are submitted through Visa Facilitation Services Centers (VFS) located around the nation or the closest South African embassy, mission, or consulate overseas. The period of these visas is determined by the type of work visa being filed for.

Critical skills work Visas

  • Critical skills work Visas are issued for a period not exceeding five years)

6. Intra-company Transfer Work Visa 

  • Multinational corporations may occasionally choose to move an existing employee from a foreign branch to a South African branch. These workers need to apply for a work visa for intra-company transfers. In some situations, documentation of efforts made to hire a South African citizen or gain a permanent residence won’t be necessary.

7. Corporate visa

  • A business organization (such as a mine group, farmer, etc.) may hire a set number of skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled workers with a corporate visa. Applications for a company visa must be submitted at any VFS center or the closest South African embassy, mission, or consulate overseas. company visas are granted for a maximum of three years.

8. Study Visas 

  • You can apply for a study visa by filling out Form BI-1738 if you are a foreign student who wants to study in South Africa. Study visa applications must be submitted at the closest South African embassy, mission, or consulate overseas or at any VFS Center across the nation that is close to the educational institution you plan to attend.

9. Exchange Visas

  • Foreign nationals who are under 25 years old who want to take part in cultural, economic, or social exchange programs run by a state agency or a public university in collaboration with a foreign state agency may be granted an exchange visa. Applications must be submitted at the Department of Home Affairs’ regional offices or the closest South African embassy, mission, or consulate overseas.

Further details check here.

What is the validity of a visa?

  • A 90-day valid visa will be granted for travel to the country for either business or tourism.

What is the cost?

  • Check her for fees.

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