How to apply and obtain a Visa to Togo?: Procedures, Documents required, Types of Visa, Validity, Cost

Procedure to apply and obtain a Visa to Togo

  • Create a Togo Voyage account.
  • Check whether you need a Visa in tab Visa Wizard.
  • Fill in the various forms for the Visa application
  • You will receive notifications upon receipt, processing, validation, or rejection of your application.
  • When the visa is granted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Documents Required

  • Visa application form completed online.
  • A scanned copy of the passport’s first three pages, with a validity period that is at least three (3) months longer than the sought visa
  • One (1) recent passport photo.
  • If traveling by air, a photocopy of the ticket or the airline booking document is needed.
  • Travel Insurance
  • A hotel reservation or a certificate of accommodations from the prefecture or town hall
  • An invitation letter from the sender or sender’s organization
  • A bank certificate or account statement attesting to the availability of adequate funds to finance the stay

Check countries that are exempted from visas.

Types of visa

1. Tourist Visa

  • With a tourist visa, foreign visitors can visit Togo and take part in events such as conferences, seminars, fairs, and meetings upon invitation.

2. Immigration visa

  • With the help of this multiple-entry immigration visa, you can relocate permanently to Togo for work, education, or family reunification.
  • Three types of immigration visas:
  • Immigration visa for study or internship purposes
  • Family immigration Visa
  • Professional immigration Visa

3. Professional Visa

  • As a multiple entry visa holder, the professional visa permits you to engage in specific professions or activities (such as journalism, reporting, trade, etc.) or accept requests or invitations from partners established in Togo to work on short-term professional projects or activities (public works construction, expertise). It can only be used for a maximum of ninety (90) days.¬†However, it can be granted for one year to a foreign promoter of a Togolese company or to a foreign professional who does not dwell in Togo but carries out vital professional activities in Togo, which he ought to monitor periodically.

4. Courtesy Visa

  • A multiple-entrance visa granted gratis within the context of bilateral or multilateral international relations is known as a courtesy visa. It enables you to conduct missions and official visits to Togolese territory as representatives of the government, state public servants, and administration executives.

What is the validity of a visa?

  • The maximum duration for immigration visas is 90 days.

What is the cost of a visa?

  • For 1 to 15 days cost is 25,000 CFA francs.
  • For further details check here.


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