How to apply and obtain Azerbaijan Republic (Asan visa) e-Visa?

Procedure to apply for Single entry visa application / nationality / citizenship

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your nationality / citizenship (country that issued you a travel document)
  3. Select the passport type (National / Diplomatic / Service / Stateless person / Special / Official / Refugee)
  4. Enter the personal details
  5. Once entered all the required details, authentication will be sent to an email
  6. Make the payment to complete the application
  • For Single entry visa to Azerbaijan, apply here
  • For urgent e-visa to Azerbaijan, apply here
  • e-visa validity: 90 days

List of Countries who are eligible for Azerbaijan e-Visa

Albania Cyprus Israel Morocco Singapore
Argentina Czech Republic Italy Nepal Slovakia
Australia Denmark Japan Netherlands Slovenia
Austria Ecuador Jordan New Zealand South Africa
Bahrain Estonia Kuwait Norway Spain
Belgium Finland Latvia Oman Sri Lanka
Brazil France Lithuania Pakistan Sweden
Brunei Darussalam Germany Luxembourg Panama Switzerland
Bulgaria Greece Macedonia Paraguay Thailand
Canada Guatemala Malaysia Peru Turkmenistan
Chile Hungary Maldives Poland United Arab Emirates
China Iceland Malta Portugal United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Colombia India Mauritius Republic of Korea United States of America
Costa Rica Indonesia Mexico Romania Viet Nam
Croatia Iran (Islamic Republic of) Mongolia Saudi Arabia
Cuba Ireland Montenegro Serbia

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