How to apply and obtain Germany passport for adult / children / new born in Germany?

Procedure to apply and obtain German passport for adult/children

Making an appointment at the Bürgeramt in the municipality where you are registered is a requirement if you want to apply for a German passport. An additional cost may be if you apply at a citizen’s office in another municipality. It is not possible for someone else to submit an application on your behalf; you must be in person for the appointment.

A new EU regulation went into effect in 2012 that made it difficult for children to go abroad on their parents’ passports and mandated that they all have their own form of identification. In Germany, parents now have the choice of applying for a standard, biometric passport for their kids or applying through the same procedure for a kids’ passport (Kinderpass).

Types of passports for children and adolescents:

1. Biometric Passports

  • A European passport may be obtained from birth until at least the age of 12, but not before.
  • Due to the fact that not all nations outside of the EU recognize the child’s passport, we advise that you apply for a European passport. Federal Printing Office in Berlin produces passports for citizens under 24 that are valid for 6 years.

2. Children’s passports

  • A child’s passport is issued in most cases within two days and is a less complex (non-biometric) passport. The green folded kid passport was replaced by one that is valid for one year, up to the age of 12. Children’s passports cannot be used to enter the US without a visa.
  • Only the parent or legal guardian may apply for a passport in person, after scheduling an appointment, at the Embassy or Consulate General responsible for your home state.
  • At the time of the appointment for the application, the child must be present. Your application by mail is not acceptable. Passports and identification cards cannot be renewed at this time.
  • If you need to travel while the application is being processed and the passport is still valid, you may keep it.

Document Required

  • Completed child application form.
  • two recent biometric passport images that are identical.
  • birth certificate of the child with the town’s name on it (a “proof of birth letter” issued by the hospital with the town’s name must also be produced; it is not acceptable if only the county is included on the US birth certificate). Please note that the parent’s names must be on the birth certificate (long version).
  • previous passport/child’s passport
  • passports of both parents
  • parents’ marriage certificate
  • German birth certificates, German marriage certificates, or, if married outside of Germany, a certificate of current name usage issued by the registrar’s office in Germany, serve as evidence of the parents’ current name usage.
  • If a child was born outside of wedlock, evidence of acknowledging paternity is required.
  • if applicable, German Naturalization Certificate.

Is the German passport ranked as the most powerful passport in the world?

  • Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and has long been a pioneer in advancing the interests of its people. The third-ranked passport-issuing nations in the world are Germany.
  • It has a very high mobility score and is regarded as one of the most sought passports worldwide. Passport holders from Germany can enter more than 170 countries either without a visa, through a visa on arrival, or with an eTA.

Benefits of German Passport

  • Travel to 177 nations without a visa
  • Cheaper ways to work, study, and live in Germany
  • live, work, or study without many restrictions in the UK or other EU or EEA nations with the help of an efficient consular service

How many countries you can travel to visa-free with German passports?

Albania (90 days) Malta
Andorra Marshall Islands (90 days)
Antigua and Barbuda (180 days) Mauritius (90 days)
Argentina (90 days) Mexico (180 days)
Armenia (180 days) Micronesia (90 days)
Austria Moldova (90 days)
Bahamas (90 days) Monaco
Barbados (90 days) Mongolia (30 days)
Belarus (30 days) Montenegro (90 days)
Belgium Morocco (90 days)
Belize Namibia (90 days)
Bolivia (90 days) Netherlands
Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days) Nicaragua (90 days)
Botswana (90 days) North Macedonia (90 days)
Brazil (90 days) Norway
Brunei (90 days) Palau (90 days)
Bulgaria Palestinian Territories
Cape Verde (EASE, 30 days) Panama (90 days)
Chile (90 days) Paraguay (90 days)
Colombia (90 days) Peru (90 days)
Costa Rica (90 days) Philippines (30 days)
Croatia Poland
Cyprus Portugal
Czech Republic Qatar (90 days)
Denmark Romania
Dominica (180 days) Saint Kitts and Nevis (90 days)
Dominican Republic Saint Lucia (90 days)
Ecuador (90 days) Samoa (90 days)
El Salvador (90 days) San Marino
Estonia Sao Tome and Principe (15 days)
Eswatini (30 days) Senegal (90 days)
Fiji (120 days) Serbia (90 days)
Finland Singapore (90 days)
France Slovakia
Gambia (90 days) Slovenia
Georgia (360 days) Solomon Islands (90 days)
Greece South Africa (90 days)
Grenada (90 days) Spain
Guatemala (90 days) St. Vincent and the Grenadines (90 days)
Guyana (90 days) Sweden
Haiti (90 days) Switzerland
Honduras (90 days) Taiwan (90 days)
Hong Kong (90 days) Tajikistan (30 days)
Hungary Thailand (45 days)
Iceland Timor-Leste (90 days)
Ireland Tonga (90 days)
Israel (90 days) Trinidad and Tobago (90 days)
Italy Tunisia (120 days)
Jamaica (90 days) Turkey (90 days)
Japan (90 days) Tuvalu (90 days)
Kazakhstan (30 days) Ukraine (90 days)
Kiribati (120 days) United Arab Emirates (90 days)
Kosovo (90 days) United Kingdom (180 days)
Kyrgyzstan (60 days) Uruguay (90 days)
Latvia Uzbekistan (30 days)
Lesotho (14 days) Vanuatu (90 days)
Liechtenstein Vatican City
Lithuania Venezuela (90 days)
Luxembourg Viet Nam (15 days)
Macao (90 days) Zambia (90 days)
Malaysia (90 days)

What is the processing time?

  • The typical processing period is 8 to 10 weeks.

What are the fees?

  • You can check the details here.

What is the validity?

  • For applicants who are younger than 24 years old, the German biometric passport’s validity is 6 years; for those who are older, it is 10 years.

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