How to apply and obtain Thailand Passport: Documents required, Cost, Renewal?

Thailand Passport

Types of Passport

  • Ordinary passport
  • Official passport
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Temporary passport
  • Hajj passport
  • Travel Document for Alien

Procedure to apply for Thai Passport

  • Complete the required application form. This can be obtained at the Thailand consulate.
  • You’ll need your original expired passport and a photocopy of the photo page.
  • Contact the Thailand consulate or embassy in advance to schedule an appointment for application submission.
  • Attend your appointment and submit your completed application form and all required documents and fees.
  • Passports can take several weeks to be processed. You will be notified once your new passport is ready for collection.
  • Applicants applying in Bangkok can pick up their passports 2 working days after the application date.
  • Applicants outside of Bangkok will receive their Passports by express – mailing within 5-7 working days.

Documents Required

  • Applicant’s previous Thai Passport or a certified copy
  • Citizenship I.D.Card/House Registration
  • The applicant’s parents or legal guardian must appear and sign the parental consent form
  • Provide two recent passport-size photos
  • Consular fee

Additional Documents (If applicable)

Change of Name Certificate: Required if an applicant’s current name or surname does not match
that in the Passport or the amendments made in the Passport
Marriage Certificate: Required if a female applicant has taken her spouse’s surname, Required if an applicant is under 20 and his/her mother’s surname does not match that of the applicant
Divorce Certificate:  Required if a female applicant’s surname has changed from the surname shown on her Passport due to a divorce
Memorandum of Divorce: Required to prove sole custody of accompanying parent if the applicant is under 20 years of age
Adoption/Legal Custody Certificate: Required if an applicant is under 20 years of age whose birth parents had legally given up the applicant for adoption, or his/her parents are not married, and the applicant is in the father’s custody.

Thai passport Validity

Ordinary passport: Valid five years
Official passport: Valid five years
Diplomatic passport: Valid five years
Temporary passport: Valid for one year and must be returned when the new passport is received.
Hajj passport: Valid for two years.

what is the cost of Thailand Passport?

Ordinary passport is 1,000 or 1,500 Thai baht.
Official passport is 1,000 baht.
Diplomatic passport is free of charge.
Hajj passport is 400 baht.
Travel Document for Alien is 500 baht.
Temporary passport is 296 baht.


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