How to extend Sri Lankan Short Visit Visa?

How To Extend Short Visit Visa?

  • A visitor may request an extension if they plan to stay in Sri Lanka for longer than 30 days. The short-term visit visa can be extended a maximum of three times in succession, for a total of 270 days, starting from the day of arrival. The extensions are granted for 30 days upon entry, 60 days during the first extension, and 90 days during the second and third times.
  • The Department of Immigration & Emigration’s (Head office) visa section shall receive applications for extensions by visiting the department.
  • You can apply online also.
  • If none of the aforementioned options work for you, you can still submit your applications to the department through an approved agent.

Steps to extend Short Visit visa

  • By supplying the necessary information, you can register yourself.
    You can log into this system using your email address and password after registering.
  • Fill in all the mandatory details.
  • Upload data. It is required to upload both the passport photo and data page.
  • Confirm and Save the details
  • You have now successfully applied for a visa extension, and all updates will be forwarded to the email address you provided.
  • Once the visa extension has been approved, a notification will be sent to the email address you have on file. If the communication includes any payment, the payment breakdown will also be given to you.
  • The specifics of the visa will be emailed to your registered email address as soon as it is granted.

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