How to get the documents attested from Kuwait Embassy / Consulate?: Procedure, Cost, Types

How to obtain embassy-attested employment contracts in Kuwait?

The Kuwait Embassy can provide authenticity through Certificates Attestation Services. The best course of action would be to get your certificate verified by State and Central government representatives before bringing it to the Kuwait Consulate in Mumbai or New Delhi for attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Home Ministry must first approve the Kuwaiti Certificate of Attestation. The paper can finally be made lawful for Kuwait by the relevant Kuwait Consulate.

1. Private Sector Workers (Visa No. 18)

  • The Embassy must certify Work contracts if Indian individuals holding ECR passports are hired directly.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait and the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry must first confirm work contracts in the format specified.
  • Subsequently, the contracts must be brought to the Indian Embassy for attestation (open Sunday through Thursday from 8 AM to 12.30 PM).
  • The Indian Embassy can provide a set of paperwork, including the required work contract format and other documentation, or you can download them from the Embassy website by clicking the following link.

Set of contract forms for the recruitment of individual worker (Visa Article No. 18)
Set of contract forms for bulk recruitment of workers (Visa Article No. 18)

2. Domestic Sector Workers (Visa Article No. 20)

  • A labor contract authorized by Kuwaiti law is required, as per the Memorandum of Understanding on Domestic Workers between the state of Kuwait and the Republic of India. It is also necessary in order to apply for Indian emigration clearance. The authorized outsourced agency, located at the 19th floor of the Behbehani Building in Sharq, Kuwait City, can receive work contracts in the required format. Their phone number is 2241 2882, and their hours of operation are 0830 HRS to 1600 hrs, Saturday to Thursday.
  • A collection of documents, which may be downloaded from the Embassy website or acquired from the Embassy itself, includes the required format for the employment contract and the contact information of the outsourced agency:

Who needs Kuwait Embassy/consulate attestation?

The following are the locations where a Kuwaiti certificate of attestation might be expected.

  • Export your goods or establish a business in Kuwait.
  • Going to Kuwait on a work visa or Family visa.
  • Going to Kuwait for education.

Why do you require Kuwait Embassy/consulate attestation?

  • The validation of essential documents for conducting business in Kuwait or obtaining a visa is known as Kuwait Consular Legalization. The consular stamp from Kuwait certifies that you are a reliable individual or firm visiting the country or conducting business there for a justifiable reason. It proves that your credentials are authentic and that the nation can accept them.

Who will attest to the documents?

  • Every educational document must have an attestation from the HRD of the state in question.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs’ document attestation procedure is the second step.
  • The third and last step involves sending the paperwork to the Kuwaiti embassy located in your nation of residence.
  • The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests to and confirms the documents.

Which country needs to attest the documents while going to Kuwait?

  • Kuwait requires documents to be attested in your home country before you travel. This process verifies the authenticity and legitimacy of your documents for use in Kuwait.

What is the processing time?

1. State Attestation

  • Getting the document authenticated by the state government where it was issued is the first step. This procedure may require four to seven business days.

2. MEA Attestation

  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) must confirm the document after the State attestation is complete. This procedure may require one or two business days.

3. Kuwait Embassy Attestation

  • The Kuwaiti Embassy in India must next attest the document following the MEA Attestation. This procedure may require five to seven business days.

What is the cost?

Depending on the type of document and the needed level of attestation, the cost of certifying documents in India for usage in Kuwait can change. The Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate in India normally sets the rates for document attestation; however, these fees are subject to change. In general, the price range below can be used to obtain Kuwaiti document attestation in India.

  • INR 6,000 to INR 9,500 educational certificate
  • INR 6,000 to INR 8,500 for personal document
  • INR 7,000 or more for commercial documents.

What are the steps involved during attestation?

Step1: Notary & HRD or Home Department / SDM

  • HRD attests to any educational documents (degrees, diplomas, etc.).
  • Personal documents is (such as a marriage or birth certificate) certified by a Notary Public before the Home Department / SDM

Step 2: Attest by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Step3: The document will then be attested by the Kuwaiti Embassy

What are the types of documents you can attest?

1. Educational Certificate

The attesting of educational certificates is a necessary step in Kuwait’s legalization procedure. For the purpose of obtaining a student or job visa, since it serves as official proof of your qualifications the Kuwait Embassy Attestation will validate the authenticity of educational certificates such as degrees, diplomas, HSCs, SSCs, mark sheets, and school reports. The educational certificate provided by the Indian university needs to be endorsed by the Kuwaiti Embassy in India, as embassy attestation is required from the nation where the document is issued.

2. Personal Certificate Attestation Procedure for Kuwait

Personal certificates including birth, marriage, affidavits, death certificates, medical, and PCCs must have the Kuwait Embassy’s attestation in order to be accepted in Kuwait. This procedure upholds the validity of both your documentation and your identity there. The personal documents are verified by the Kuwaiti ministry as authentic and correct upon receiving the attestation stamp from the Kuwaiti embassy.

3. Commercial Documents Attestation Procedure for Kuwait

Obtaining the Kuwaiti Embassy’s Attestation for the Commercial Certificate is required. A crucial component of Kuwait’s legalization process is the submission of commercial and export documents such as invoices, incorporations, registrations, boards of resolution, powers of attorney, memos, articles of association, certificates of origin, and packing list attestation. Obtaining the Kuwait Embassy’s attestation of particular commercial documents would be beneficial for exporters and foreign businesses.


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