How to renew Cuba Passport? Procedures and the required documents

Procedure to Renew Cuba Passport

Renewing a Cuban passport involves some specific procedures and required documents, and these can vary depending on your location and situation:

  • Complete the required application form for passport renewal. This can be obtained at the Cuban consulate.
  • You’ll need your original expired passport and a photocopy of the photo page.
  • Contact the Cuban consulate or embassy in advance to schedule an appointment for application submission.
  • Attend your appointment and submit your completed application form and all required documents and fees.
  • For some applicants, especially those renewing passports outside of Cuba, police verification may be required. This typically involves providing fingerprints and other information to the local authorities.
  • Passport renewals can take several weeks to be processed. You will be notified once your new passport is ready for collection.

Documents Required

  • Expired passport: You’ll need your original expired passport and a photocopy of the photo page.
  • Completed application form: Fill out the official application form for passport renewal. This can be downloaded from the relevant consulate website or obtained directly from the consulate/embassy.
  • Passport-size photos: Provide two recent passport-size photos meeting specific requirements: plain background, facing the camera, no headwear (except for religious reasons), specific size and photo paper specifications.
  • Consular fee: Pay the established consular fee for passport renewal. This can be done through different methods depending on the consulate, such as cash, bank transfer, or certified clearance certificate.

Where to apply?

  • Any Cuban consulate or embassy: You can visit any Cuban consulate or embassy in your country. Look for the one closest to your current location.
  • Provincial Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX): You can also renew your passport at any provincial MINREX office within Cuba.

What is the cost?

  • The cost of renewing a passport is 52.00 Cuben Peso

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