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Procedure To Renew French Passport  (Passeport français)

You can renew your French passport either before or after the expiry date. If you renew your current passport before its expiry, then the validity period on your new passport will not be reduced. You can apply for an emergency temporary passport if you are in any emergency situation such as being displaced for humanitarian, medical or professional reasons. Such passports are usually issued on the same day. Below given is detailed procedure to renew passport in France.

Validity: The French passport is valid for 10 years (5 years for children aged under 18).

Eligibility for French Passport  (Passeport français) Renewal

To renew the French passport, eligibility requirements are:

  • French Citizen
  • if you have expired Passport
  • Passport is Lost or Stolen
  • All pages of Passport used

Where to Apply for French Passport Renewal?

If you are living Overseas/abroad you can apply at

Documents Required for French Passeport (Passport) Renewal

  1. ID card (or birth certificate and proof of French nationality if you do not have a French ID card)
  2. Expired passport
  3. 2 Photograph that conforms with the passport guidelines
  4. Proof of address
  5. Tax stamps
  6. Completed Passport Application Form

How to Buy a tax Stamps online?

Tax Stamp Cost

  • Adult – 86 euros
  • Minor between 0 and 14 years old – 17 euros
  • Minor between 15 and 17 years old – 42 euros

Cost of renewing French passport

The renewal of a passport is subject to stamp duty, payable in cash (local currency only).

  • Adults: 96 euros.
  • Minors above 15 years: 52 euros
  • Minors below 15 years: 27 euros.

A passport which has not expired but which does not contain blank pages to affix visas is renewed free of charges up to its remaining date of validity.

Steps for French Passport Renewal

  1. Visit the nearest French embassy or consulate in person.
  2. In case of a passport renewal application made by a child aged below 18, then the child must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Fill French passport renewal application form.
  4. After verifying your identity and quality of your photo, digital fingerprints of 2 fingers are taken
  5. Submit the documents and make the payment
  6. If you provide a mobile number, then you will get an SMS whenever your passport is ready for collection.
  7. Make sure to collect your passport within 3 months of being made available otherwise it will be destroyed.
  8. In urgent cases, you can apply for an emergency temporary passport. It is issued in emergency situations such as being displaced for humanitarian, medical or professional reasons.

How to track your Passport application?

  1. Visit the above link
  2. Enter the application number
  3. To view your application status

French Passport application Status

Time Taken

Passport is issued in 15 working days.

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