Hungarian Consulate General Worldwide

Hungarian Consulate General

Hungary government official website:

Hungary Ministry of foreign affairs website:

Find the Hungarian Consulate General Address, Phone number, Location, Consular assistance number, Opening hours, Email, Visa services and consular services for other countries through the below link.

Almaty – Kazakhstan

Barcelona – Spain

Chicago -USA

Chongqing – People’s Republic of China

Cluj-Napoca – Romania

Dusseldorf – Germany

Erbil – Iraq

Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Hong Kong – People’s Republic of China

Istanbul, Kag thane – Turkey

Kazan – Russia

Kosic – Slovakia

Krakow – Poland

Lendava – Slovenia

Los Angeles – USA

Miercurea Ciuc – Romania

Mumbai – India

Munich – Germany

New York – USA

Osijek – Croatia

Saint-Petersburg – Russia

Sao Paulo – Brazil

Shanghai – People’s Republic of China

Stuttgart – Germany

Subotica – Serbia

Toronto – Canada

Uzhhorod – Ukraine

Yekaterinburg – Russia

Hungary behalf of Visa Issue

Check here for other Schengen Member States issued a visa on behalf of Hungary.

Authorized to issue consular certificates mentioned under section 2(2a) and 14(1) of the Act 46 of 2001 on Consular Protection.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Head office: 1027 Budapest, Bem rakpart 47.
Postal address: 1027 Budapest, Bem rakpart 47.
Phone: +36 1 458 1000
Fax: +36 1 212 5918

Hungary Consular Services Contact

Postal address: 1027 Budapest, Nagy Imre tor 4.

Phone: +36 1 458 1000

Fax: +36 1 201 7323



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