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A visa is a certificate in your passport or travel document that shows you’re authorised to land in a country. However, there may be a number of other conditions you need to meet before you’ll be allowed to enter that country.

In Ireland, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS), an agency within the Department of Justice and Equality, is primarily responsible for dealing with immigration and visa matters.

Types of Ireland visas:

Short Stay
Business Visa
Conference Visa
Exam-Interview Visa
Visit Visa
Long Stay
Employment Visa

Documents required to apply Ireland visa:

Check here for the documents required to apply for visa to Ireland

List of countries that do not need a visa to Ireland

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13 thoughts on “Ireland Visa | Documents required

  • Mohamed


    What is the correct bank account and IBAN for Ireland Embassy in the UAE please.

    I want to pay Irish tourist Visa fees from Algeria.

  • Bilbul Howlader

    dear sir/madam

    hi I am Bulbul Howlader. I am a Bangladeshi, I am resident in Bangladesh. But now I am in Bahamas as a traveler. Now I want to go Ireland for visit my sister-in-laws family.Can I apply for Irish short stay family visit visa from Bahamas. As traveler I was visit Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India.

  • Benghalem


    Je voudrais obtenir un visa touristique pour Irlande pour mon père qui réside en Algérie je voudrais savoir combien ça coûte et les documents concernant puisque il y a pas de consulats de Irlande en Algérie


  • Mohamed gedi hilowle Hilowle

    First my full name is Mohamed Gedi Hilowle’ i am a journalist based in doha i would like to request to ireland embassy in doha a tourist vissa.

    Am a member of international federation journalists (IfJ) thats member of of the ireland journalists I would like as mercyn to make easy this vissa!

    Best regards:

  • arsham amiri

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    I was born in Bushehr province and I live in Tehran.
    I was born on 1361/06/31 and I am 29 years old.
    I have a master’s degree in architecture from Bushehr University, Borazjan in 2008 and 2009.
    I am single.
    My job in Tehran is as a real estate consultant and I have been living alone without my family for 10 years.

    I need some money to be able to buy a ticket to a country like the … or … or… or …
    you can help me ? I realized that you are helping those who need help. Please do this if you can help me.
    My goal is not money, but to buy tickets.
    Even if you provide me with a ticket so that I can leave Iran, you have done me a great favor.
    Please help me .

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    I was threatened with death by several people.
    please help me. I have no one in this world to take refuge in and help me.
    Please help me.
    I could not create a good life for myself in Iran.
    I dream of going to university and studying and becoming an architect. But I have been threatened with death for some time …
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