KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) Indonesia: How to apply and obtain?

What is Kitap (ITAP)?

A permanent stay permit in Indonesia is known as KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap). KITAP is a permanent stay permit with a 5-year validity period, according to the Indonesian Immigration Act (Undang Undang Keimigrasian No. 6/2011). This means you won’t have to travel to immigration every year. There will be no more pricey visa renewals or mountains of paperwork. It’s no surprise that rigorous guidelines are in place

What is the eligibility for Kitap?

Only the following people are eligible for a KITAP:

1. Foreigners who are married to an Indonesian

2. An Indonesian company may have foreign investors, directors, or commissioners (PT PMA)

3. Retirees from other countries who desire to live in Indonesia

4. Citizenship is being reclaimed by Indonesians.

Where to apply/procedure to apply?

Regardless of the sponsor type, the procedure for obtaining a KITAP is the same. The procedure is not straightforward. The application must be approved by many institutions:

1. Immigration from within the country (in the area where you reside)

2. Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration

3. Statistical and Civil Registry Department,

4. Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

What Documents are required?

Following are the documents required for KITAP:

1. Obtaining a passport (active for at least 18 months).
3. a note from the sponsor
4. Your sponsor’s Indonesian ID (KTP).
5. The main number for tax obligations is (NPWP).
6. In your statement letter, you said that you had no plans to work in Indonesia (for retirees).
7. Work permit (IMTA) and the sponsoring company’s legal paperwork (for foreign investors).
The application procedure takes about three months.

What is the cost of applying for KITAP?

The standard price of KITAP is below:

1. IDR 60.000.000 per person (Professional foreign workers)

2. IDR 30.000.000 per person (Spouses and children of foreigner holding a KITAP,Spouses of an Indonesian citizen, Former subject of a child with dual citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia, Former Indonesians wanting to regain Indonesian citizenship)

3. IDR 45.000.000 per person (Foreigners on Retirement Visa)

Can you work using KITAP?

Only those who are married to an Indonesian and have obtained their KITAP have the right to work in Indonesia to support their families.

There are two options:

1. First, you can work for a firm if the company obtains the work permit for you (RPTKA) — this is much less expensive for the employer than paying for the KITAP, and thus you have a better chance of finding work.

2. Second, they can choose to start a firm as a single proprietor, which means they won’t be able to hire anyone but will escape the burden of obtaining work licenses and the like.

What is the validity?

KITAP is valid for 5 years and if there is no change in the status then the visa will automatically be extended.

Can Retirees apply for Kitap?

After four renewals of their KITAS/ITAS, retirees can apply for a KITAP once they turn 55 years old.

Procedure for applying for retirement visa:

A retirement visa in Indonesia is not available to every retiree who is 55 years old or older. Foreigners’ countries of origin are also subject to restrictions.

Only 60 countries are allowed to get retirement visas :

Argentina, Australia, Austria

Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria

Canada, Cyprus


Egypt, Estonia

Finland, France

Germany, Greece


India, Iran, Ireland, Iceland, Italy



Liechtenstein, Luxemburg

Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Monaco, Mesir

the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway


Philippines, Poland, Portugal



United Arab Emirates

Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa

Taiwan, Thailand

United Kingdom of Great Britain, the United States, and Northern Ireland.

Must meet the following criteria:

1. The age must be 55 or older.
2. You won’t be able to work in Indonesia.
3. Life and health insurance are required.
4. You’ll need to employ a maid or a domestic helper.
5. You must have a place to live and a lease contract for at least 12 months.
6. Every year, you must have at least US$18,000 in your deposit or pension account.

Following are the procedure:

1. Submit the below documents

  • A passport that is valid for at least 18 months and has at least 6 blank pages is required.
  • All of the pages of your passport should be copied.
  • A letter of declaration
  • A leasing contract
  • Every month, a copy of your bank account statement with at least US$1,500 in it.
  • a copy of your life and health insurance policies.
  • Your photographs with a red backdrop
  • a letter of sponsorship from your visa agent

2. Pick get your retirement visa from an Indonesian embassy in your home country.

Do you require to extend KITAP?

Yes, need to extend it every year.

Do you require a sponsor for the KITAP?

The KITAP, like many other visas in Indonesia, requires a local sponsor. Those married to an Indonesian have their partner as a sponsor, but retirees must hunt for sponsorship elsewhere.

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