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Kuwait Embassy Worldwide

Kuwait government official website: https://www.e.gov.kw/sites/kgoEnglish/Pages/HomePage.aspx

Kuwait ministry of foreign affairs official website: http://www.mofa.gov.kw

Albania Bulgaria Greece Malaysia Portugal Switzerland
Algeria Cambodia Hungary Malta Qatar Syria
Argentina Canada India Mauritania – Nouakchott Romania Thailand
Armenia Chile Indonesia Mauritania – Nouakchott Russia – Moscow Tunisia
Australia China Iran Mexico Russia – Moscow Turkey
Austria Cyprus Iraq Mongolia Saudi Arabia Ukraine
Azerbaijan Czech Republic Italy Morocco Senegal United Arab Emirates
Bahrain Djibouti Japan Myanmar Serbia United Kingdom
Bangladesh Egypt Jordan Netherlands Singapore United States
Belgium Eritrea Kazakhstan New Zealand Slovakia Uzbekistan
Benin Ethiopia Kenya Nigeria South Africa Venezuela
Bhutan France Korea (Republic) Oman Spain Vietnam
Bosnia and Herzegovina Gabon Laos Pakistan Sri Lanka Yemen
Brazil Germany Lebanon Philippines Sudan Zimbabwe
Brunei Ghana Libya Poland Sweden


Kuwait Consulate | Consulate General Worldwide

China – Guangzhou
Germany – Frankfurt am Main
Hong Kong – Hong Kong
India – Mumbai
Iraq – Erbil
Italy – Milano
Pakistan – Karachi
Saudi Arabia – Jeddah
Switzerland – Genève
Turkey – Istanbul
United Arab Emirates – Dubai
United States – Los Angeles
Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh

Immigration Office Kuwait

View details about Kuwait Immigration office from the above link.

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One thought on “Kuwait Embassy-Consulate-Consulate-General Worldwide

  • Habib Mohamed-nur Habib

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It has come to my attention that the Kuwaiti embassy have placed a restriction on flights coming from Turkey and that I will need a PCR certificate from 8th March . I am a British citizen living and working in Kuwait. I am currently in Antalya and I am due to return to Kuwait, leaving Antalya on 7th March at 20:30 to get to Istanbul at 21:45 on 7th March, and leaving Istanbul at 23:30 on 7th March, arriving in Kuwait at 03:05 on 8th March. I have spoken to my airline representative regarding this and he said that because I will be leaving Istanbul on 7th March, then I will not be affected and will not need a PCR medical certificate.

    Please can you send me confirmation of this by email as I will need it just in case I encounter any problems when I arrive in Kuwait at 03:05 on 8th March.

    Do you have any specific information regarding the flights in Kuwait which will have this restriction? Would it be any flight arriving in Kuwait from 00:00 on 8th March? I have tried to contact the Kuwaiti embassy in Turkey but I have had no luck in reaching them.

    Please can you let me know that I will not encounter any problems for my flight leaving Istanbul on 7th March, arriving in Kuwait on 8th March.

    Please let me know what I need to do, if anything, or if I will be ok to travel as I am arriving in the early hours on 8th March (03:05). The notice above does not specify the time of arrival on 8th March, and is also not clear on whether I will be affected if my flight to Kuwait leaves before 8th March.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Habib Mohamed