Lebanon Visa on Arrival

Holders of the passports issued by the following 79 countries and territories are granted visa on arrival at Beirut International Airport or any other port of entry if there is no Israeli stamps, visas, or seals on their passport and are holding a telephone number, address in the Republic of Lebanon, and a non-refundable return or circle trip ticket for a maximum stay of one month, extendable for 2 additional months for tourism or business purposes(unless otherwise stated)

European Union / EFTA  Brazil  Macao  Samoa
 Andorra  Canada  Macedonia  San Marino
 Antigua and Barbuda  Chile  Malaysia  Serbia
 Argentina  China  Mexico  Singapore
 Armenia  Costa Rica  Moldova  South Korea
 Australia  Dominican Republic  Monaco  Tajikistan
 Azerbaijan  Georgia  Montenegro  Turkmenistan
 Bahamas  Hong Kong  New Zealand  Turkey
 Barbados  Iran  Panama  Ukraine
 Belarus  Japan  Peru  United States
 Belize  Kazakhstan  Russia  Uzbekistan
 Bhutan  Kyrgyzstan  Saint Kitts and Nevis  Venezuela

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