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A Visa is required for travellers

  • who are not citizens of the ECOWAS countries, South Korea.
  • who arrive on a private aircraft or boat.
  • who intend to accept paid or unpaid employment in Liberia, this also applies to journalists.
  • who have a diplomatic or official status and who are travelling to Liberia on an official mission
  • who wish to immigrate to Liberia.

Types of Visa

There will be two types of visa issued. See below for more details.





Single Entry 3 months 75 € 125 €
Multiple Journey 1 year 150 € 200 €
Multiple Journey 2 years 300 € 350 €

Categories of visas

  • Business
  • Visitor/Tourist
  • Diplomatic
  • Official
  • Others


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5 thoughts on “Liberia Visa | Documents required


    Dear Sirs
    I have an invitation from the President Office to visit Liberia to discuss business. Shall I need visa

  • Augustine

    I wish to travel to Liberia for business. how am I going to start the processing of visa .
    I want to know to start the processing with guard lines

    • Nancy Parks

      I plan to travel to Monrovia on March 15, and I will need to get my visa in Cairo, Egypt. I have the following questions:
      Is there a form I need to complete for the visa?
      Do I need to have two passport photos?
      How long does it take to get the visa?
      Thank you very much for your consideration of my questions.
      Nancy Parks

  • Georgy Khalatov

    How and where I can find visa application form for LIberian visa? Will it be possible to send it to me, as attachment, to the following email addrerss: It is not possibel to find the form at teh embassy/consulate site.
    Thank you