Malaysia Visa Requirement 1

Countries that require Malaysia Visa to enter in to Malaysia

A. Sub. Continent Countries
1. Bangladesh
2. India
3. Pakistan
4. Sri Lanka
B.  African Countries
1.  Angola
2.  Burkina Faso
3.  Burundi
4.  Cameroon
5.  Central African Republic
6.  Congo Democratic Republic
7.  Congo Republic
8.  Cote D ‘ Ivoire
9.  Djibouti
10. Equatorial Guinea
11. Eritrea
12. Ethiopia
13. Ghana
14. Guinea-Bissau
15. Liberia
16. Mali
17. Mozambique
18. Niger
19. Nigeria
20. Rwanda
21. Western Sahara
 C. Other Countries
1. Afghanistan (Visa with reference)
2. Bhutan
3. Colombia
4. Myanmar
5. Nepal
6. PR China
7. Taiwan

D. Countries that do not require Malaysia Visa to enter in to Malaysia

– Bangladesh
– Cameroon*
– Ghana*
– Pakistan
– Nigeria*
– Mozambique*

( * ) are allowed to enter Malaysia by air only.

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One thought on “Malaysia Visa Requirement

  • Yusra

    If I live in Iraq do I need a visa to enter Malaysia? If so where do I apply for a visa? How can I extend my stay longer then 30 days? Please help me out.