Montenegro Embassy | Consulate-General Worldwide

Montenegro Embassies | Consulate-General Worldwide

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Montenegro Government Website :

Montenegro Visa:

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Embassy of Montenegro World wide :

Australia (headquarters In Abu Dhabi) – Abu Dhabi
Bahrain (headquarters In Abu Dhabi) – Abu Dhabi
Qatar (headquarters In Abu Dhabi) – Abu Dhabi
New Zealand (headquarters In Abu Dhabi) – Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi
Azerbaijan (headquarters In Ankara) – Ankara
Iran (headquarters In Ankara) – Ankara
Greece – Atina
China – Beijing
Serbia – Belgrade
Germany – Berlin
Switzerland – Bern
Brazil – Brazil
Belgium – Bruxelles
Chile – Chile 
Cyprus (based In Athens) – Cyprus (based In Athens)
Hungary – Hungary
Indonesia (based In Beijing) – Indonesia (based In Beijing)
Israel (headquarters In Skopje) – Israel (headquarters In Skopje)
Albania – Kati 8
Kosovo – Kosovo
Liechtenstein (headquarters In Geneva) – Liechtenstein (headquarters In Geneva)
Slovenia – Ljubljana
United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland – London
Ireland (headquarters In London) – London 
Island (headquarters In London) – London 
Luxembourg (headquarters In Brussels) – Luxembourg (headquarters In Brussels)
Austria – Mahlerstrasse
Moldova (headquarters In Bucharest) – Moldova (headquarters In Bucharest)
Denmark (headquarters In Podgorica) – Montenegro
Finland (headquarters In Podgorica) – Montenegro
Kazakhstan (headquarters In Moscow) – Moscow
Russian Federation – Moscow
Netherlands – Netherlands
Costa Rica (headquarters In New York) – New York
Cuba (headquarters In New York) – New York
Andorra (headquarters In Paris) – Paris
France – Paris
Monaco (headquarters In Paris) – Paris
Norway (headquarters In Podgorica) – Podgorica
Sweden (headquarters In Podgorica) – Podgorica
Estonia (headquarters In Warsaw) – Poljska
Republic Of Korea (headquarters In Beijing) – Republic Of Korea (headquarters In Beijing)
Romania – Romania
The Holy See And The Sovereign Vitech Maltese Order – Rome
Italy – Rome
Malta (headquarters In Rome) – Rome
San Marino (headquarters In Rome) – Rome
Bosnia And Herzegovina – Sarajevo
Macedonia – Skopje
Bulgaria – Sofia
Turkey – Turkey
UKraine – UKraine
Latvia (headquarters In Warsaw) – Varsava
Lithuania (headquarters In Warsaw) – Varsava
Poland – Varsava
Canada (headquarters In Washington) – Washington Dc
Mexico (headquarters In Washington) – Washington Dc
United States Of America – Washington Dc
Slovakia (headquarters In Vienna) – Wien
Czech Republic (headquarters In Vienna) – Wien 
Yemen (headquarters In Kiev) – Yemen (headquarters In Kiev)
Croatia – Zagre

Consulate-General Of Montenegro World wide :

Germany – Frankfurt

Serbia – Sremski Karlovci

United States Of America – New York

Immigration Office Montenegro

View details about Montenegro Immigration office from the above link.

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