“No slots for 2023”: US visa applicants face difficulties even with appointments at embassies

On Wednesday, the American Embassy in India announced that it had received a quarter of a million appointments for nonimmigrant visas, or tourist visas, over the weekend. The appointments are “not available for this year,” so hold off on getting too enthusiastic just yet.It was an eventful weekend for our consular personnel!,” the U.S. Embassy in India declared earlier today on X.

“it was a busy weekend for our consular team! Over the weekend we opened over a quarter million nonimmigrant visa appointments!” Nevertheless, candidates discovered that there were no dates available for 2023 when they attempted to reserve spots.

When Shubhashish attempted to reschedule his May 24 appointment for his US visa, he was informed that “the earliest from Delhi is February 22, 2024” and “there are no dates in Mumbai till June 2024.”

One X user noted similar problems and commented, “Slot available for September 2024.”

‘No appointments, portal issues restrict applicants from scheduling any appointments. There is no submit option when I try to schedule an appointment.. email sent.. awaiting swift action..,’ another user reports.

The US embassy just set a record for the number of Indian students receiving summer student visas.

It should be highlighted, nevertheless, that the 500-day waiting period is a considerable reduction from the 1,000-day waiting period that existed earlier this year for a tourist visa.

An attempt has been made throughout the past year to resolve the prolonged wait times, which this past winter had reached nearly three years. Indian citizens were given the option to apply for U.S. visas at consulates outside of India, such as the one in Bangkok, where the waiting period for a visa is noticeably less, in order to clear the backlog of visa applications and satisfy the growing demand.


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