Oman Road Permit

This permit is granted to those who are interested to visit areas adjacent to the border posts.

  • There is no need for a road permit, for high level professions as per the available list at the Directorate. The visitor should present his ID card or the passport. This is applicable to all family members, as coordinated with the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).
  • For other professions, the approval of the Director of Passport and Residence Department or his Assistant is appropriate.
  • An expatriate who is on a 3 month visit visa may be granted a road permit provided he is accompanied by the sponsor. The road permit will be valid for only one month.
  • The wives, servants, and the driver of a national do not need a road permit if they are accompanied by the sponsor or his family.
  • Who can request this service


    Steps to follow to request the service

    A. Process Steps:

    1. Receive the application and its supporting documents.
    2. Check the application and its enclosures.
    3. Collect fees based on the required duration.
    4. Hand over the permit to the applicant.

    What documents are needed to process

    1. Filling in the permit application form.
    2. A letter from the sponsor.
    3. A copy of the passport.
    4. A copy of the labour card.
    5. Personal photos.

    Special conditions if any applicable

  • The sponsor or his authorized representative should submit a letter from the sponsor.
  • The original card should be submitted to check signatory.
  • A signatory specimen should be submitted in the case of companies and organizations.
  • How the service is processed

    The applicant will be asked to wait for 10 minutes in order to finalize the required procedures and hand over the permit.

    Fee to be paid

    One trip for one week to one month – RO 3
    Two months to three months validity – RO 5
    6 months – RO 10
    One year – RO 15

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