Oman Stamping a Residence Visa

The residence visa is stamped onto the passport of the expatriate after it is granted by the visa department, weather this visa is for:

  1. Employment
  2. Investor
  3. Family joining
  4. Study
  5. Family residence
  6. Change of sponsor

Who can request this service


Steps to follow to request the service

A. Process Steps:

1. Check the enclosures by the competent employee.
2. Ensure validity of passport.
3. Ensure the validity of the previous visa, if any.
4. Save the application in the computer.
5. Stamp the visa onto the passport.
6. Hand over the passport to the applicant.

What documents are needed to process

1. Original passport
2. Original residence visa.

Special conditions if any applicable

  • The sponsor or his authorized representative should submit a letter from the sponsor.
  • The original card should be submitted to ensure the applicant’s identity.

How the service is processed

The applicant needs only to wait for about 10 minutes

How long will it take

The process will be finished on the same day of submitting the application

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