Philippines Consulate General Worldwide 3

Consulate General of Philippines

Agana – United States Of America   

Calgary – Canada 

Chicago – United States Of America       

Chongqing – China 

Dubai – United Arab Emirates   

Guangzhou – China     

Hong Kong – China          

Honolulu – United States Of America    

Jeddah – Saudi Arabia    

Los Angeles – United States Of America

Macau – China  

Manado – Indonesia 

Milan – Italy       

New York – United States Of America    

Osaka – Japan   

San Francisco – United States Of America           

Shanghai – China           

Toronto – Canada            

Vancouver – Canada 

Xiamen – China

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3 thoughts on “Philippines Consulate General Worldwide

  • Grace Condicion

    Good afternoon.
    Can you please check this names

    Rachel Ycoy Orellano
    Born in Dec. 7,1991
    Bohol Visaya Philippines

    Baby name Keirah Orellano Kesigan
    Born in Dec.25, 2019
    By Dr. Pow Private Hospital in Bohol by Cesarian.

    If they are here in Malaysia.
    Rachel Ycoy Orellano is my husband mistress since 2013 to current. They both committed adultery here at our very own Condominium before we came, and continue their affair my husband rented different studio type room or Condominium here in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia from 2016 onwards, came back again in January 2019 just to get a baby from my husband.

    Rachel Ycoy Orellano is my husband mistress from 2013 to current, they have their baby by cheating, adultery here in Malaysia.

    How to deport them or block from entering Malaysia from Philippines? I cannot tolerate my husband supporting them financially.