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Passport renewal procedure in Israel

There are certain things you should always bring with you while travelling overseas; the most vital is a Passport. If you’re planning a long upcoming vacation abroad, you need to quickly eye-upyour passport’s validity period. The Israel passport is valid for 10 years for adults and it is an unfortunate situation when the passport expires in a foreign country and you may not be able to board a flight. According to the new passport law in Israel, 10 years is the lifetime of temporary passport.

Eligibility for Passport Renewal Israel

You can renew your passport if you fulfil the eligibility criteria:

  • Your Israeli Passport was issued 10 years ago (5 years for minors).
  • You have an Israeli Passport and its pages are full (with visas, stamps, etc).
  • You have an Israeli Travel Document in lieu of a National Passport that was issued 5 years ago.
  • You had an Israeli Passport or an Israeli Travel Document and it was lost / stolen / damaged.

Steps for Israeli Passport Renewal

  1. If you are in Israel, book an appointment at Misrad Hapnim for each person who needs a passport – including small children.
  2. If you are abroad, you should reach the Embassy of Israel in the country for filing your application for passport renewal
  3. Go to Misrad Hapnim on the assigned day, and follow the instructions given to you there. Everyone who needs a passport must be physically present.
  4. Fill up the Application Form for Renewal of Passport and submit it
  5. Pay the fees for renewal after filling the form
  6. Written consent of every person who has parental responsibility before a passport can be issued to a child.

Documents Required to Renew the Passport in Israel

  • Your old passport
  • Two recent passport photographs (5 x 5cm colour). Indicate your name and Israeli ID number on the back of each photo
  • For people in Israel, you need your old passport and TeudatZehut, the Israeli Identity card, and a credit card

Cost for Israeli Passport Renewal

For persons aged 18 or above

  • Passport valid for 10 years – 140 NIS

For children aged under 18

  • Passport valid for 5 years – 140 NIS

Time taken for Passport Renewal in Israel

It will take approximately 10 days for renewing a passport. Unless you make arrangements to collect your passport, the new passport is sent by registered mail.

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9 thoughts on “Procedure To Renew Passport In Israel

  • Tzachi Samocha

    I like to know if submitting the application for passport renewal in person at the consulate office is going to expedite the issuing of the new passport. I have an expired 10 year old passport and in need to get a new passport.
    Please advise the fee in US dollar.

  • Warren Peston

    Our first passport as Olah Hadasha expires 28.02.22. Flying to England on 25 October returning on 3 November 2021 do we need to renew our Israeli passports before then?

  • claude gubbay

    I have had to renew my UK passport which i did online. it took from the moment i did it to receiving it 10 days.
    To renew my Israel passport is the most dreadful experience, 3 months to get an appointment cannot be done on the internet. I have never experienced a terrible event as this, and wonder what century we live in, in Israel that everything is a problem driving license etc.

    As a result of your shocking procedure my appointment is not until the end of April, I need to travel urgently and by the time my appointment comes my Israeli passport will have expired.

    Question why cant you operate a simple process like other western countries and not make everything so complicated is it to much to ask ???


    My wife and I have 10-year old expired passports that we used to travel to Israel last October. We want to renew our passports. Is it possible to renew by mail or do we need to apply in person at the consulate? What is the procedure?
    We are living in Buffalo, NY. Last time we renewed our passports it was at the consulate on Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is much closer to us than New York City. Therefore, we would much prefer to do the procedure again there especially since we are advancing in age (82 and 74 years respectively).Is this possible?
    Please provide us with the details and fees involved.
    Thank you!


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