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Passport renewal procedure in South Korea

Any Korean citizen scheduling to travel to the Republic of Korea for business, family matter or for pleasure must hold a valid Korean passport. If the current passport has expired, it should be renewed at the nearest Korean Consular Office. Passport renewal entails biometric finger printing, so it must be done by the individual looking for the passport, if he is over 18. However, prior to visiting the office, there are a few preparatory measures to take care of.

Eligibility for Passport Renewal South Korea

You can renew your passport if you fulfil the eligibility criteria:

  • Korean Citizen
  • You are 18 and above years old
  • You have a current Korean passport
  • Biometric finger printing

Steps for South Korean Passport Renewal

  1. Look for the local Korean Consular Office to check business hours and make an appointment, if necessary. You can also check this information on the office’s website.
  2. Collect all necessary documentation along with expired passport, passport photograph and $55 passport fee in the form of cash or a personal check.
  3. Buy Express Mail postage ($18.30) at a post office to pay for the shipment of the new passport while ensuring you will receive all necessary application materials at the Korean Consular Office.
  4. Fill out the application form and provide biometric finger prints.
  5. Wait three to four weeks after making the application to receive the renewed passport. In the meantime an e-passport will be provided.

Documents Required to Renew the Passport in South Korea 

  • Completed Application Form
  • Recent passport photograph with white background 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Your expired passport
  • Copy of a Family Relationship Certificate if required
  • Copy of any Green Card or Visa Stamp held
  • Passport Fee in the form of cash or a personal check
  • Return express mail self-addressed envelope for the posting of your new passport

Cost for South Korean Passport Renewal

The standard passport fee for a Korean passport is $53 and must be paid in cash at the embassy or consulate.

Time taken for Passport Renewal in South Korea

It takes 3 to 4 weeks after applying to receive the renewed passport. In the meantime an e-passport will be provided

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    My wife’s passport has been expired since 1996. Please send any and all forms for the issuance of another passport to:
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    Please include any information or requirements for photos or anything else you might think is relevant including fees, appointments, etc.
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