Qatar Visa Sponsorship change

Place of submission: Recruitment Applications Reviewing Committee

Visa Requirements

  • The sponsored person shall have completed two years inside the country with the same sponsor .
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from present sponsor to transfer the sponsorship to the new sponsor .
  • Approval of the new sponsor to transfer in to his sponsorship .
  • The present sponsor, the new sponsor and the employee shall sign the sponsorship transfer form. The signatures of present and new sponsors will be verified.

Visa Fee

Sponsorship change for the first time: QR 2000 for companies, QR 1000 for individuals .

Sponsorship change for the second time: QR 2500 for companies, QR 1500 for individuals .

Sponsorship change for the third time or more: QR 3000 for companies, QR 2000 for individuals .

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