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Austria – Vienna
Austria – Salzburg
Belgium – Brussels
Belgium – Antwerp
Bulgaria – Sofia
Bulgaria – Ruse
Bulgaria – Varna
Canada – Ottawa
Canada – Toronto
Canada – Montreal
Czech Republic – Prague
Czech Republic – Karlovy Vary
Czech Republic – Brno
Estonia – Tallinn
Estonia – Tartu
Estonia – Narva
France – Paris
Germany – Berlin
Germany – Bonn
Germany – Frankfurt
Germany – Hamburg
Germany – Leipzig
Germany – Munich
Greece – Athens
Greece – Thessaloniki
Hong Kong – Hong Kong
Latvia – Riga
Latvia – Liepaja
Latvia – Daugavpils
Lithuania – Vilnius
Lithuania – Klaipeda
Poland – Warsaw
Poland – Poznaij
Poland – Krakow
Poland – Gdansk
Portugal – Lisbon 
South Korea – Seoul
Romania – Bucharest
Romania – Constanija
Singapore – Singapore
Switzerland – Bern
Switzerland – Geneva
Netherlands – Hague 
Turkey – Ijstanbul
Turkey – Antalya
Turkey – Ankara
Turkey – Trabzon
UAE – Dubai
UK – London
UK – Edinburgh
UK – Manchester 

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs :

Russian Government Website :

Embassy of Russia in other countries:

Russia Embassy | Consulate | Consulate-General Worldwide

Find Embassy of Russia, Consulate of Russia and Consulate General of Russia in other countries address, phone number, Email, Russia Visa, Passport related enquiries and more through the below link.

Russia Embassy Worldwide

Russia Consulate Worldwide

Russia Consulate-General Worldwide

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