Schengen Travel Visa Insurance: How to apply and obtain, Documents required, what will it cover

What is Schengen Travel Visa Insurance?

Travelers to Europe should be able to manage and afford medical care in the event of an accident, injury, or other unforeseen circumstance. Travel insurance has been shown to provide travelers with financial support and the comfort to handle unforeseen costs, allowing them to continue their journey without worry.

Who should buy Schengen Travel Visa Insurance?

Any individual or group entering Europe temporarily from a nation requiring a visa, whether they are tourists, business travelers, or both.

What are the requirements?

  • It should pay for at least €30,000 in medical costs and evacuation in case of emergency.
  • It ought to be accepted in all 26 Schengen Area nations.
  • It ought to be valid for the entire time you are traveling in Europe.

Does Schengen Visa Insurance Cover COVID-19?

Yes, some Schengen insurance policies cover COVID-related illnesses, but only if you adhere to the rules and laws of your home country and the World Health Organization when you travel (WHO). The following are covered by COVID-19 insurance:

  • COVID-19-related health emergencies, including those requiring hospitalization, medical care, and medication.
  • PCR test sometimes.
  • Accommodation costs associated with quarantine requirements are not covered.
  • The particular policy will determine how much COVID insurance is covered. For instance, MondialCare covers all medical costs associated with contracting COVID-19 and a positive PCR test, whereas AXA only covers medical costs associated with COVID-19 and “related illnesses” (but not a negative one).
  • On the other hand, some insurance providers will never pay for any costs associated with pandemics or epidemics, including COVID-19.

What is the cost?

Duration of travel Schengen
(Schengen area only)
Schengen Plus
(Extended protection, Schengen + EU countries)
up to 7 days 18 EUR 28 EUR
up to 15 days 30 EUR 49 EUR
up to 31 days 46 EUR 73 EUR
up to 45 days 56 EUR 85 EUR
up to 63 days 72 EUR 99 EUR
up to 90 days 88 EUR 125 EUR
up to 105 days 107 EUR 159 EUR
up to 158 days 165 EUR 239 EUR
up to 365 days 285 EUR 429 EUR

Best 10 insurance companies who provide Schengen travel insurance

1. Heymondo

  • 24/7 medical assistance, 365 days a year, including during your trip for PCR tests that have been medically prescribed and in the event of a Covid infection.
  • When you test positive and a doctor prescribes a medical quarantine, any additional lodging costs incurred because it prevents you from returning home on time are covered.

2. World Nomads

  • Their Standard plan is reasonably priced and provides repatriation insurance, and more than €30,000 in emergency medical coverage, which are requirements for Schengen visa insurance.
  • It is the best option for both travel insurance for Europe and insurance for Schengen visas because it gives you the choice of choosing either Europe or the Schengen region as your coverage area.

3. IMG

  • If you want the best health insurance for travel to Europe, IMG is a fantastic option.
  • A substantial amount of emergency medical, evacuation, and repatriation coverage is provided by their iTravelInsured Travel SE plan. Additionally, it offers first-rate coverage for baggage loss and trip cancellations related to travel.
  • All insurance requirements for Schengen visas are satisfied by the reasonably priced iTravelInsured Travel SE plan.

4. Travelex :

  • Travelex is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for dependable Schengen visa insurance. It is the best option for a multi-stop European vacation because they cover the entirety of Europe, not just the Schengen Area.
  • Their Select plan satisfies all requirements for Schengen visa insurance and provides comprehensive evacuation and repatriation, baggage loss, and trip cancellation coverage.

5. Worldtrips

  • WorldTrips is yet another of the top travel insurance options for a trip to Europe. Their Preferred plan provides the most comprehensive evacuation and repatriation coverage in addition to excellent all-around coverage.
  • Due to its $100,000 in emergency medical coverage, coverage in the Schengen Area, and repatriation coverage, WorldTrips’ Preferred plan satisfies the requirements for Schengen visa insurance with ease.

6. Provisit Visum

  • A Schengen visa holder traveling to Germany can purchase Provisit Visum, a global health insurance plan. Up to 180 days of travel, both for business and pleasure, are suitable.
  • Provisit Visum is the ideal health insurance for you because it is recognized by the government, reasonably priced, and simple to obtain. Provisit Visum has no age restriction as well.

7. Future general

  • When you travel throughout Europe on a Schengen Visa, you are protected by the Future Easy Travel Schengen Plan. It takes care of any unforeseen mishaps that might occur while you are busy taking in the breathtaking views of Europe. The Schengen Plan from Future Generali allows worry-free travel.


  • You can have a fascinating experience by traveling to and exploring Europe. The Schengen countries require a visa for many visitors to Europe.
  • Unexpected travel and medical occurrences can cost you money if they are not covered by travel insurance for a Schengen visa.

9. G1G Travel Insurance

  • Include $50,000 in your medical insurance for unplanned hospitalization.
  • Provide medical evacuation and return travel insurance worth $300,000.
  • Any Schengen nation is covered by our travel insurance policies. If you intend to travel to several places, the visa application location should be your first stop.

10. Europe Assistance

  • Hospitalization expenses up to 30,000€
  • Coverage in the Schengen area
  • Assistance in the event of illness/injury and death

How to get cheap Schengen Travel Visa Insurance?

  • Although there aren’t typically any requirements for Schengen visa travel insurance, depending on your needs, different types of coverage are offered.
  • Obtaining multiple quotes is always in your best interest before buying insurance. The kind of coverage you receive, how long it lasts, and any deductibles you might have will all have a significant impact on how much you’ll pay.
  • This is particularly important in light of the current state of travel in the COVID-19 era. Even though you can buy a health insurance plan that covers the majority of medical expenses, it might specifically exclude COVID-19-related expenses.

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