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3 thoughts on “Search

  • Thomas McKenna

    Good morning.
    I am on contract in Afghanistan at the moment. my passport is nearly full, I am looking for information on how to renew my passport and how long it will take. Can you send me the form required to my email, and I will fill it in and DHL my passport to you.
    Thomas McKenna

  • Bernice Willis

    I’m trying to locate a friend that got tied up in immigrations due to a terrible mistake of his own doing.
    Can you help me locate him. We were in touch, but his phone is no longer working.
    I’d like to know what has happened to him? Haven’t heard a thing from him since mid-July.

  • Martin Mathew

    I need to visit Denmark-Norwa-Sweden on short tourist visa. My entry will be at Denmark. Could you please assist me in the Visa application process. Do I need to visit your embassy in Qatar or any agency has been assigned in Qatar for processing visas on your behalf?