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About Seychelles

Seychelles is a beautiful and small island republic in the western Indian Ocean that consists of approximately 115 islands with lush tropical vegetation, beautiful beaches, and diverse marine life. Seychelles is one of the world’s smallest countries, consisting of two main island groups. the Mahé group, which consists of over 40 central, mountainous granitic islands, and the second group of over 70 outer, flat, coralline islands.

It is a country in the Indian Ocean, 1500 kilometers off the coast of East Africa, officially known as the Republic of Seychelles.

The main draw of Seychelles cuisine is seafood. Shark chutney and turtle meat are two interesting variations. Rice is the main grain, and breadfruit serves as a substitute.

Their platter also includes fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as edible flowers. Because it is a beach country, the coconut flavor is prominent in the food and drinks. Seychelles is a vibrant mix of cosmopolitan life and people of various races, religions, and cultures.

Seychelles is a visa-free country, which means that no visa is required for anyone who wishes to visit this country. It should be noted, however, that while no visa is required prior to entering Seychelles for any nationals, they must have a valid passport or other travel documents recognized by Seychelles in order to be granted entry into the country. The passport must be valid for the duration of the intended stay until the holder’s return to his or her country of origin or residence.

Procedure for Seychelles Visa 

On arrival in Seychelles, a stay visitor’s permit is issued to a person who comes for the purpose of a vacation, business, or visiting friends or family and meets the following criteria:

1. Is not an undocumented immigrant;

2. Is not in possession of a valid permit entitling the holder to reside in Seychelles;

3. Possesses a valid return or onward ticket for the duration of the visit;

4. has confirmed lodging, and

5. has enough money to last the duration of the stay (minimum of US0 or equivalent per day).

As per the Ministry of Health, No one is permitted to enter or exit Seychelles without written permission.

On the DoH website, a standard form (APPLICATION FOR ENTRY INTO SEYCHELLES BY AIR AND SEA) must be completed and submitted.

Apply for your mandatory Health Travel Authorization in Seychelles at

For any assistance call the immigration numbers

Tel: 2724699
Tel: 2713193

Types of permit

1. Permanent Residence

  • Individuals must not an illegal immigrants.
  • Without the Minister’s permission, the period of absence cannot exceed one year.
  • Has not been sentenced to more than one year in prison

Permanent Residence must have below rights

  • Working without a Republican Party (Gainful Occupation Permit)
  • to be exempt from the need for any other permit to live or work.
  • With Government sanction, you can purchase land and residential property while only paying half of the Sanction Fee.

2. Visitors Visit

When a person arrives in Seychelles for vacation, pleasure, business, or to visit friends or family, a visitor’s permit is issued.

1. Is not an undocumented immigrant;

2. Is not in possession of a valid permit entitling the holder to reside in Seychelles;

3. Possesses a valid return or onward ticket for the duration of the visit;

4. has confirmed lodging, and

5. has enough money to last the duration of the stay (minimum of US0 or equivalent per day).

Upon arrival, the Visitor’s Permit may be granted for a period of up to three months. It can be extended for three months at a time up to a maximum of twelve months if the person still meets the criteria of a genuine visitor.

The visitor’s permit is free for the first three months, after which there is a fee of Sr. 5,000/ for each extension covering each period of three months or any part thereof.

3. International trade zone

  • A Zone of International Trade A Work Permit enables a nonSeychellois to enter and stay in Seychelles for the purpose of working in an International Trade Zone.
  • It is the responsibility of the prospective employer to apply for the permit through the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles.
  • On application, the spouse and minor children of an ITZ work permit holder may be endorsed on the ITZ work permit.
  • NonSeychellois are not permitted to enter Seychelles as visitors in order to seek employment in the ITZ.

4. Gainful Occupation Permit 

  • A Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) entitles the holder to work in Seychelles as an employee or as a self-employed individual.
  • First, the potential non-Seychellois employee must obtain a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.
  • Following approval from the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, an Application for Gainful Occupation Permits should be submitted to the Immigration office, Independence House, Victoria, at least one week before the employee is scheduled to begin work.
  • The same procedures as outlined above should be followed for extending the validity of the GOP or changing job titles or responsibilities.
  • Prior to obtaining the Gainful Occupation Permit, the prospective employee must not enter Seychelles for the purpose of seeking employment.
  • The potential employer must fill out the application form for the employee. In the case of a self-employed individual, by the individual seeking the permit for GOP.
  • The application is subject to a processing fee of SCR. 1,000/.
  • When submitting the application, a fee of Sr.500 per month or part thereof is payable for the entire duration of the permit being sought.
  • To help us in this endeavor, it is strongly recommended that you consult the Checklist in the application form when completing the application to ensure that all documents requested are submitted.

5. Student Permit

  • A Student’s Permit may be granted to a non-Seychellois who has been accepted to study at an approved educational institution in Seychelles and is not a visitor.
  • A child who is a dependent of his or her parent in Seychelles or who has reached the age of 18 years may also apply to continue his or her studies:
  • A Students permit entitles the holder to no employment in Seychelles.

Following are the documents required 

  • Acceptance letter from the educational institution where you will be enrolled;
  • Documented proof of financial support for the duration of the course of study;
  • a copy of the prospective student’s passport biodata page.
  • Two recent passport images.
  • Proof of lodging arrangements may be required.
  • On submission of the application, a processing fee of SCR. 1,000/ is due.
  • Full Birth Certificate and, if necessary, Translation.
  • The permit fee of SCR. 1,500/- is payable upon approval of the application for one year or part thereof.

6. Resident Permit

It may be granted to the below:

  • Individual must not an illegal immigrant
  • has a family or domestic link to Seychelles
  • has made or will make a significant contribution to Seychelles’ economic, social, or cultural life

The applicant will be required to provide documentary proof of his or her financial situation (including banker’s confirmation).

Must meet the following conditions:

  • The holder of a Residence Permit must reside in Seychelles for at least five days during each twelve-month period of the permit’s validity.
  • The permit holder shall provide a bank guarantee to the Chief Immigration Officer in the amount of SCR 20,000.00 and allow the Chief Immigration Officer to draw money required to meet expenditure incurred by the Government in connection with the permit holder’s and his/her dependents’ care, treatment, maintenance within or removal from Seychelles.
  • The permit holder is not entitled to get free medical services in Seychelles or to any social security benefits under the Social Security Act 1987 or other comparable legislation.
  • During the term of the Residence Permit, the permit holder must look into ways to contribute to Seychelles’ economic, social, and cultural life.
  • For a permit holder who wishes to start a business, a Gainful Occupation Permit is required.
  • The application will be processed for a fee of SCR 1,000.00.
  • The permit fee is SCR 150,000.00 for the primary applicant for a period of 5 years.
  • If both applications are submitted at the same time, the spouse will receive SR 75,000.00.
  • SCR. 25,000.00 for each child’s endorsement on a permit.

7. Dependent’s permit

A Seychelles citizen may apply for a Dependent’s permit for his or her spouse and minor child/children who are not Seychelles citizens and will be residing in Seychelles with him or her.

Following are the documents while filling the application required.

  • Documentary proof of Seychelles citizenship, such as a copy of the applicant’s Seychelles passport biodata page/birth certificate/registration or naturalization certificate;
  • a copy of the biodata page of the dependent’s passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Child/children’s birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Documentary proof of financial means to support a dependent (e.g., pay stubs, savings, etc.)
  • Security bond

A Dependant’s Permit is issued to a spouse or minor child of a Seychelles citizen who is not a resident of the country.

  • a prohibited immigrant; or
  • possessing a Residence Permit or a Gainful Occupation Permit

The application will be processed for a fee of Scr.1,000/.

A Dependant’s Permit costs Sr. 1,000/ per year.

The holder of a Dependant’s Permit is not permitted to work in Seychelles. If the Permit holder wishes to do so, a Gainful Occupation Permit must be obtained. If the permit holder violates the terms of the permit, it is no longer valid.

  • An individual Fails to enter Seychelles within twelve months of the date of issue or is absent from Seychelles for more than twelve months.
  • is in violation of the Permit’s terms
  • In case if it’s convicted of a violation of the Immigration Laws
  • is expelled from Seychelles

Best place to visit in Seychelles

1. Anse Lazio

Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles, and its Anse Lazio is located on the north shore of Praslin Island (Chevalier Bay)


2. Baie Lazare

On Mahé, the charming village of Baie Lazare was named after the 18th-century French explorer Lazare Picault, who landed here when the French government sent him to explore the islands.

Baie Lazare

3. La Digue

La Digue, the archipelago’s fourth largest island, is a haven for nature lovers. It’s also a great place to go if you want to see traditional island life – bicycles and oxcarts are popular modes of transportation.

La Digue

4.Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette is a breathtakingly beautiful beach. But what distinguishes Anse Georgette is that it is less crowded and more intimate.

Anse Georgette

5. Beau Vallon

The Beau Vallon Beach is one of Seychelles’ most popular tourist destinations. The beach provides watersports such as jet skiing and water skiing, as well as scenic views of Silhouette Island.

beau Vallon beach

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