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Singapore Visa

Travelers who wants to enter or transit into Singapore requires a valid visa to stay or visit. There are various visas according to the traveler needs. Please check below for the procedures to obtain Singapore visas, documents required, types of visas, cost of getting the visa, processing time.

How to apply and obtain Singapore Visa?

  1. You need to visit the ICA website. Alternatively, you can email
  2. All Singapore overseas missions (save for non-resident High Commissioners/Ambassadors based in Singapore) provide free visa application forms.
  3. You can also apply for a visa through a Singapore contact who is a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident with a “SingPass” account.
  4. Your local contact in Singapore can submit the visa application online through the SAVE system on the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.
  5. If your application is granted, your local contact in Singapore can print a copy of your e-Visa for you using the SAVE system.
  6. Share the Documents
  7. Pay the fee.
  8. You will get a visa after approval.

Entry Requirement for immigration clearance

  • A passport with a six-month validity period.
  • You should have enough money to last the duration of your stay.
  • An SG Arrival Card has been submitted.
  • a valid entry visa to Singapore.
  • An onward or return ticket that has been confirmed (where applicable)
  • Proof that you’re ready to travel to your next destination
  • a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  • Proof of prior entry approval.

Documents for Singapore Visa application

  • Original passport and old passports, if any
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of visa filing and contain at least two blank pages.
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • Visa application form duly filled and signed
  • Must have 2 recent passport-size color photographs taken against a white background with matte-finish (size 35 mm x 45 mm and 80% face close-up)
  • A covering letter must be included, stating the facts of the trip, the traveler’s name and contact information, and the expense’s ownership information. A black pen must be used to fill out the letter and sign it.
  • Original bank statements from the previous six months that have been officially attested and signed by a bank official.

Types of Visa

The Singapore visa is the simplest to obtain. People come to Singapore for a variety of reasons, including jobs, business meetings, and tourism.

1. For Professionals

A) Employment Pass: For international executives, managers, and professionals. Candidates must earn at least $4,500 per month and meet other requirements.


  • Have a job in Singapore.
  • Work in a supervisory, executive, or specialized position.
  • Have suitable credentials, such as a solid university degree, professional credentials, or specialized expertise.
  • Use the SAT tool to check Whether or not the candidate is eligible for the pass.

Documents required for Employment pass:

  • Page of the candidate’s passport including his or her personal information.
  • ACRA has the most up-to-date business profile or quick information on a company.
  • Educational certifications of the candidates (e.g. degree certificate). Additional papers must be uploaded.


An Employment Pass is typically good for 1-2 years and can be renewed at that time.

2. EntrePass

Serial entrepreneurs, high-caliber inventors, and experienced investors who intend to run a venture-backed or creative technology-based business in Singapore can apply for this work pass.


  • Have formed, or planned to start, a private limited company with ACRA
  • The company must be less than 6 months old on the date you apply if it is already registered.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you can do so once you’ve received the results of your application.

Documents required

  • Page of the candidate’s passport including his or her personal information.
  • Past employment testimonies in English or a résumé to expand on professional experiences, awards, or recognitions, if available.
  • Bizfile’s most recent business profile or real-time information.
  • Business plan max of 10 pages.
  • Provided product and service
  • Market research
  • Plan of action
  • Management team profile
  • Supporting documents include Licensing agreements, product certificates, endorsement patents.


It’s valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

3. Personalised Employment Pass

The Personalised Employment Pass is designed for high-earning Employment Pass holders and foreign professionals working in the United States. It is not linked to a specific employer and provides more freedom than an Employment Pass.


  • You’re a foreign professional working in another country, and your most recent monthly fixed compensation was at least $18,000. Most importantly your recent income should have been drawn within the last six months before you applied.
  • An Employment Pass holder who earns at least $12,000 a month in a fixed income.


This is valid for 3 years.

4. Spass

The S Pass is a work permit that allows mid-level skilled workers to work in Singapore. Candidates must have a monthly income of at least $2,500 and suitable qualifications and job experience.


  • Earn a minimum of $2,500 each month in a fixed position. Work experience should be reflected in the compensation. To qualify, older, more experienced candidates must earn a higher salary.
  • Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Technical credentials, such as training for skilled technicians or professionals, may be considered. At least one year of full-time study should be required for certification.
  • Have employment experience that is relevant.


The S Pass is valid for up to two years and can be renewed as long as the pass bearer is employed by the company.

5. Work Permit for migrant worker

The Work Permit is a document that allows semi-skilled migrant workers from authorized source countries to work in specific industries.


  • No minimum salary is required.
  • Workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sectors from recognized source nations


Depending on the validity of the worker’s passport, security bond, and employment time, up to two years may be granted.

6. Work Permit for migrant domestic worker

If you’re recruiting a migrant domestic worker (MDW) in Singapore, you’ll need to apply for a Work Permit.


  • During the Work Permit application, you must be between the ages of 23 and 50.
  • Work Permits for helpers aged 50 and up can only be renewed till they reach the age of 60.
  • A minimum of eight years of formal education and a recognized certificate is required.
  • Employers’ NRIC-registered addresses are where you’ll be working.
  • This is not applicable to Malaysian helpers.
  • You must not be in Singapore during the application process for a Work Permit. Employers can only bring in workers after receiving an IPA letter and purchasing a $5,000 security bond.


Depending on how long the security bond is valid, it might be up to two years.

7. Work Permit for confinement nanny

The Work Permission for Malaysian confinement nannies is a short-term permit that normally lasts up to 16 weeks and begins when your child is born.


  • At the time of application, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • Get your confinement nanny a work permit.
  • Pay a levy on a monthly basis.
  • Have a baby who is less than four months old.


Starting at the time of the child’s birth, up to 16 weeks.

8. Work Permit for performing artiste

Foreign artists can work in public entertainment venues such as pubs, hotels, and nightclubs with a Work Permit for Performing Artists.


  • Possess a Singapore Police Force CAT Public Entertainment Licence.
  • Work for at least 6 hours per day.
  • A bar, discotheque, lounge, nightclub, pub, hotel, private club, or restaurant can all be categorized as such.
  • Employ a minimum of one local worker who is paid the Local Qualifying Salary.


It’s up to 6 months.

9. Training Employment Pass

Foreigners can use the Training Employment Pass to obtain practical experience in Singapore while pursuing professional, managerial, executive, or specialized careers.


  • Your course of study must include a training attachment in Singapore.
  • You must be enrolled at an acceptable university or receive a monthly fixed-wage of at least $3,000 to be eligible.
  • A well-established Singapore-registered corporation must sponsor you.


  • Page of the candidate’s passport including his or her personal information.
  • A detailed training program that specifies the goal, type of training, location, and duration of the training.
  • Documents pertaining to the candidate’s schooling. If the candidate has not yet completed the course, please attach a letter from the educational institution indicating that they are enrolled in it.


It’s up to 3 months

10. Work holiday program

The Work Holiday Programme allows students and recent graduates to work and vacation in Singapore for six months.


  • At the time of application, you are between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • You studied at a university in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or the United States as an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • The governments of the 10 nations or regions have recognized your university.
  • For undergraduates, you must have lived in the area for at least 3 months and be a full-time student at the university before applying for the pass.
  • Graduates: you were a resident and a full-time university student.


  • It’s up to 6 months.

11. Training Work Permit

The Training Work Permit is for foreign trainees who are unskilled or semi-skilled and will be training in Singapore for up to 6 months.


  • Employees from connected international organizations who are semi-skilled or unskilled will be trained in Singapore.
  • In Singapore, foreign students attend educational institutions. The training must be a requirement of their course.


  • A photocopy of the trainee’s passport is required.
  • a photocopy of their student ID card
  • The goal of training and how long it will last
  • Course Duration


It’s Up to 6 months.

12. Singapore Dependant’s Pass

Spouses and children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders can join them in Singapore with the Dependant’s Pass.


  • Must hold Employment Pass or S Pass.
  • Earn a minimum of $6,000 each month in a stable position. This is calculated based on your pay, not your total household income.
  • Are sponsored by a well-known, Singapore-based corporation (usually your employer).

Document required

  • Page of the candidate’s passport including his or her personal information.
  • If your child shares a passport with you, you must also submit the parent’s personal information page.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate.
  • A copy of the official birth certificate with the names of the parents written on it.
  • A copy of the adoption order, as well as any other pertinent paperwork.


  • Up to two years, as long as the main work pass is valid.

13. Long Term Visit Pass

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is for an Employment Pass or S Pass holder’s common-law spouse, stepchild, or disabled child.


  • Must hold Employment Pass or S Pass.
  • Earn a minimum of $6,000 each month in a stable position. This is calculated based on your pay, not your total household income.
  • Are sponsored by a well-known, Singapore-based corporation (usually your employer).


  • Page of the candidate’s passport including his or her personal information.
  • A copy of the certificate of common-law marriage.
  • A letter or report on the child’s condition from a medical professional.
  • A copy of the child’s custody order from the court.
  • A copy of the work pass holder’s birth certificate with the parents’ names on it.


  • Up to two years, as long as the main work pass is valid.

14. Miscellaneous Work Pass

Foreigners undertaking short-term work assignments, such as seminar speakers, religious workers, or journalists, are eligible for the Miscellaneous Work Pass.


  • A foreigner who is directly involved in organizing or conducting any seminar, conference, workshop, or meeting, including but not limited to
  • Any religious belief or religion, in general, is mentioned, either directly or indirectly.
  • It has something to do with any race or community in general, either directly or indirectly
  • Is it for a good cause or with a political goal in mind, such as speaking, moderating, facilitating, or training
  • A foreign religious worker who gives talks on any religion, directly or indirectly.
  • To cover an event or write a story in Singapore, a foreign journalist, reporter, or accompanying crew member who is not subsidized or sponsored by any Singapore government agency.

Documents required

  • It’s valid Up to 60 days.

Cost of Visa

Each visa application is subject to a S$30 processing fee. Visa processing costs are paid when visas are applied for. The processing cost is non-refundable regardless of the application’s outcome or if you withdraw your application after it has been submitted.

Processing time of Visa

After the Authorised Visa Agent has submitted the visa application, it will take 3 to 5 working days. Weekends and public holidays are not included.

Places to visit in Singapore

1. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, a small resort island off Singapore’s southern coast, is home to themed attractions, sun-drenched beaches, beautiful rainforests, excellent spas, and several well-known resort hotels.

Sentosa Island

2. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a 10.2-square-kilometer island in Singapore’s northeast. Granite Island, which translates to “Granite Island” in Malay, is one of Singapore’s last two kampongs, a site where one may fully enjoy and see Singapore as it once was.

Pulau Ubin

3. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The only tropical park to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore Botanic Gardens. More than 10,000 varieties of flowering plants and trees can be found in the 82-hectare garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

4. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is an Asian cultural theme park and Singapore’s largest outdoor art gallery, formerly known as the Tiger Balm Garden.

Haw Par Villa

5. Cloud Forest Dome

The Cloud Forest Dome is a greenhouse-like structure in Gardens by the Bay that recreates the tropical montane environment found between 1500m and 3000m.

Cloud Forest Dome

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