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EEA citizens and Swiss nationals

A national of another EEA Member State (EEA citizens are nationals of EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or Switzerland may enter the Republic of Slovenia with a valid personal identity card or passport, and does not require an entry permit (visa) or residence permit, regardless of the purpose of entering and residing in the Republic of Slovenia (including entry for employment, study, self-employment or residence purposes).

For further assistance, please contact Consular services

T: +386 1 478 2305

F: +386 1 478 2316

Apply for Slovenian Visa

The applicants should submit the application in person at a diplomatic mission or consular post or through an external service provider.

Visa application forms are available at all diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Republic of Slovenia.

Types of Slovenian visa

Slovenian diplomatic missions and consular posts issue two types of visas

  • Schengen (type A and C)
  • National visas (type D)

Schengen Visa Types

1. Uniform Schengen Visa ( USV)

Schengen Area Member Countries can use this visa to transit or enter into Slovenia.

Validity: 90 days from the entry date.


2. Limited territorial validity visas (LTV)

With LTV Visa, you can be able to travel only in the Schengen State which issued a visa or in some other cases, in the certain Schengen States specifically mentioned when applying for the visa. Apart from these Schengen countries, this specific visa is invalid to any other Schengen country not specified prior. The holder of this type of visa cannot enter or transit through any other Schengen country that is not the first and final destination target.

3.      National Visas

This is the visa of ‘D’ category which is for the purpose of education or employment or permanent residence in one of the Schengen countries.

Documents required to apply for Short stay – Slovenian Visa

Business trip:

  • Invitation letter and proof of evidence from the company or Industry where you will be going to attend meetings/conference/ any events.
  • Entry tickets for any events
  • Proof of business activities of the company
  • Proof of the applicant’s employment status in the company

Education trip

If the visa is related to the study purpose or training purpose, you need

  • an enrolment certificate from the institution
  • student cards or certificates of the courses to be attended.


  • Invitation from whom you are going to stay with.
  • Travel documents (ticket, passport, visa (if applicable)

Medical visit

  • Official letter from the medical institution stated that the purpose of the treatment.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover all the medical expenses.

Documents required to apply for Long stay – Slovenian Visa

1, Travel document

2, a letter of guarantee

3, For education/training (from 3 months to 1 year), the documents to be submitted are: Enrolment certificate, Attestation certificate of the payment of fees, certificate of scholarship or certificate attesting sufficient funds, travel health insurance.

4, For sports, the documents to be submitted are:

  • certificate issued by a Slovenian sports club or organisation where the third-country national will work/play (entry into the Register of Private Workers in the Field of Sport and the Register of Professional Sports People);
  • certificate of a relevant sports organisation in the country of origin regarding the status of professional athlete or sports coach;
  • original and its authenticated translation of certificate of no criminal record;
  • certificate of sufficient funds (unless evident from other documents);
  • travel health insurance.

Slovenian Visa on Arrival

Student visa to Slovenia

You can check the above link for the countries who are eligible for visa on arrival, and  how to apply and get Student Visa to Slovenia

List of Slovenian consulates and embassies

Check here for the address, number, opening hours and more through the below link.

Consulates of Slovenia

Embassy of Slovenia

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20 thoughts on “Slovenian Visa | Documents required

  • Haroon

    i want to apply for slovenia tourist visa. Kindly provide the info where i need to submit my visa application. Islamabad is near to home place.


    • Sajjad

      Respected Sir/Madam,
      I Sajjad a Pakistan National have got Kyrgyzstan Work Permit and Wish to apply for 10 days Visit Visa of Slovenia . I am living and working in Kyrgyzstan and wish to go for a tourist purpose so therefore kindly send me the check list of the documents which i have to submit in the high commission in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.
      I will be very thankful to you for this kind of act and oblige.
      many thanking
      April 29,2021..

      • admin Post author

        Hi Sajjad,

        The following are the required documents to enter Slovenia for the tourism purpose.
        1. Invitation from whom you are going to stay with.
        2. Travel documents (ticket, passport, visa (if applicable)

        Support team.

  • Mutlu Korkmaz

    Hi, I want to apply visa from Tanzania/Dar es Salaam,
    Do you have consulate or embassy at Tanzania?

    Mutlu Ahmet Korkmaz

  • muhammad hafiz

    good afternoon .im muhammad hafiz from malaysia .i want to apply slovenia tourist visa .could you provide me the information about tourist visa in malaysia.and my nationality bangladeshi.thanks

  • Hezekiah G. Shar-Tarjaye

    please assist us with information about how to get visa to Slovenia.
    we have been invited to stay a month in the country on humanitarian works with the people of the Republic.
    and the price for it.
    We are citizens from the Republic pf Liberia, West Africa.

  • Salako Gbenga

    I want to apply for Slovenia work visa. Kindly provide the info where i need to submit my visa application, am a Nigerian live in Nigeria.
    Secondly, what’s are the documents to submit with my visa application. I am an artist even willing to join NSK art organization soon as I make my entry, I need your reply urgently.
    Yours Faithfully.

    Salako Gbenga

  • Purwandari

    Good morning
    I have Visa Schengen Type C mutiple visit valid until 08 Jan 2019. I have plan to visit Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia with start and end at Zagreb Croatia om early Nov 2018
    Please info should I apply visa Slovenia ?? Or just enough using my Mutiple Visa Schengen ??

  • Sabir Ahmad Bangash

    My name is Sabir Ahmad Bangash and i am self employer of own business. I heard about Slovenia that there are a policy for investor from out side the country. I would like to know more about it, will you please let me inform so that i may be able to proceed further.
    warm regards.

    • Humaira

      Hy sir.
      I have to go to slvenia before 1st league have been started.but slvenia embassy in Pakistan not giving any appointment.plz help me to get an appointment

  • Bilal kazim

    Good evening sir
    I am Bilal Kasim Pakistani national I am working in dubai for last 10 years as a light vehicle driver I lost my job I work in as taxi driver and also work with Amazon as a delivery accociat now I looking driver job can you help me I am 30 years old my contact number is