Thailand Visa 15

Thailand Visa

When a foreign applicant wants to visit Thailand for a long business trip. He or she may also apply for three years of Non-Immigrant Business VISA. The validity for such Visa is for 3 years with multiple entries allowed.

When a foreign applicant wants to visit Thailand, he or she may apply for Thai visa which has the following types mentioned below and you can check how to apply for it, the documents required to obtain the visa.

Thailand visa types

Thailand visa has the following types of visa

  • Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Official Visa
  • Courtesy Visa

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15 thoughts on “Thailand Visa

    • Luiz

      Am a nigerian leaving in Mozambique I want to go to Thailand for a football trials what type of visa did I need and what are the documents require to collect the visa here in Mozambique

      • John Galea

        Me and my wife have reterment. Visa for thailand I have return ticket to go back o am from malta my wife vietnamis please tell me what I need I want to go back on 16 feb thanks

  • Gilles ETOGA

    Hi, I’m a cameroonian working for WWF, I’m invited for a 6 days workhop at Hua hin In Thailand (from 23 to 30 of march). Can I Apply for a Visa at arrival? What type of Visa should I Apply for?

  • Abdhal Mohiyideen Umar Mohiyideen

    To Whom It may Concern
    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am a Sri Lankan Passport holder living in Japan on a Long Term Resident Visa,
    I am going to Sri Lanka via Bangkok (DMK – Don Muaeng Airport) on Wednesday the 13th November 2019
    I have 6 and a half hours Lay over or transit time for the next connection.And on my way return too I have 6 hours and15 minutes Lay over time or transit time
    If i want to go out of the air port and go around Bangkok Do I need to apply for a transit visa ?
    Nov.13th ,Tokyo NRT Dep. 9.15 a.m. by THai Air Asia X 601 same day Bangkok (DMK) Arv. 2.05 p.m. *After noon )
    Connecting Flight
    Same day Bangkok (DMK) Dep.8.20 p.m. *Evening by Thai Air Asia 140 same day Colombo Arv. 10.20p.m.
    on my way return to Tokyo
    Nov. 17th Colombo CMB Dep. 11.20 p.m. *Night by Thai Air Asia 141 Next day Bangkok DMK Arv. 4.25 a.m.
    Connecting flight
    Nov. 18th Monday Bangkok DMK 10.45 a.m. Same day Tokyo NRT 7.00 p.m.
    Please advice me as soon as possible
    I already have a Hotel reservation at Dongmueang Palace Hotel ,4 Soi Songprapa1,Yak 1,Don Mang 10210 Bangkok
    Thank you for your kind consideration
    with best regards
    Abdhal M.U.M. (Mr.)


    Student and working visa holder in China but originally from Bangladesh. What is the requirements for them? Only tourist purpose

  • Mohamed A. Kenawi

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Professor Dr. Mohamed Kenawi and would like to visit Thailand in January 2021 . I would appreciate it if you inform me about the documents required for tourist visa.
    thank you and have a good day.
    Prof. Dr. Mohamed Kenawi

  • Joginder Singh Bhar

    I would like to visit Thailand in October 2020. Is it possible to go there and get Visa on arrival. I have never suffered from Corona Virus.

  • Andreas Konstantinos Horaites

    I have had the Pfizer double doses by September 11, so I have the KEP provided document; I also have a visa that ends next spring. I rent a home in the Perfect Place. I am also aware that I will need to have a rapid test.

    Here are my two questions.
    1. Do I have to have a clinic test, or can I use the rapid test instead?
    2. Do I have to provide proof of a quarantine hotel reservation.
    3. I will fly into Thailand on October 15th from the USA?What are the rules going to be for Entry on that date?
    4. Should I postpone my flight by a week as the quarantine rules are likely to change by October or on October 15th.
    5. Should I come to your office in Athens in person, or can all of this be handled by email and phone?

    Thank you, I am a US citizen in need of your guidance.

    Andreas Konstantinos Horaites

    • admin Post author

      Hi Andreas Konstantinos Horaites,

      Kindly call the office during the office hours and enquire about the query.

      Support team.

  • manny marquez

    I wish that
    They will inform me what I need for a visa for Thailand, I have traveled many times to Thailand before
    and I never had problems for the visa at the airport now I want to know what I need for the visa since I plan to be a tourist for 2 or 3 months, I am 63 years old, I am a citizen of the United States
    my intention is to travel on december 15, therefore i need the information i also have my siam bank account
    Please send the information I need for the trip as soon as possible

  • Lincoln Cable Jackson

    I fly to Thailand on November 24.
    I will be living there with my wife who is already there on a work permit and visa
    I need a visa
    Can I come today in the afternoon with all the needed paperwork?

  • paul ostrowski

    Dear Sir, Ms
    I am USA citizen, wife is Nepali citizen. We are in Nepal an wish to travel to Thailand for a week or two maximum. I am uncertain
    as to whether the Covid vaccination cards issued in the United States will be acceptable to Thailand Government so we can visit Thailand.

    Thank you