Transit visa – Australia Visa: How to apply and obtain, Procedure, Documents required?

What is a Transit visa – Australia Visa?

With this visa, visitors can stay in Australia for up to 72 hours before having to depart. Holders of a maritime crew visa may use it to fly into Australia and board a non-military ship. There are some people who can transit without a visa.


  • Enter Australia and depart by air or water no later than 72 hours after arriving.
  • Maritime Crew visa (subclass 988) holders may fly into Australia to join the crew of a non-military ship.


  • You have 72 hours to leave Australia.
  • You must be in good physical condition.
  • You must adhere to our standards of morality.
  • We need your biometric data, so you must comply.
  • All medical expenses incurred while you are in Australia are your personal responsibility. Insurance for medical expenses might reduce your financial liability.
  • If you owe the Australian Government money, you must have paid it back or made arrangements for it to be paid back. This rule applies to all family members, even those who don’t apply for the visa with you.
  • You require a Maritime Crew visa if you are traveling by air and intend to join the crew of a non-military ship.
  • You are required to recognize the Australian Values Statement if you are at least 18 years old. This demonstrates your commitment to upholding Australian law and respecting Australian culture when you apply for a visa. ​

Procedure to apply

  • Make sure to apply for the visa far enough in advance of your trip. ​
  • You can apply in ImmiAccount
  • attach all the documents.
  • Submit family applications together
  • Once we have received your application, we will notify you. ​

Documents Required

  • If you have a National Identity Card, a certified copy of both sides.
  • photo
  • Passport copies
  • We require a declaration from the ship’s regional shipping and handling agent.

How long you can stay?

  • No longer than 72 hours

What is the cost?

  • Free

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