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Address:502 Benson Street
Consular Section:
U.S. Embassy, P. O. Box 98
502 Benson Street, Monrovia

Phone: General: (+231) 77-677-7000
Political and Economic Section: (+231) 77-677-7319
Public Diplomacy Section: (+231) 77-677-7428
Consular Section, Visa Information, American Citizen Services: (+231) 077-677-7000
USAID | Liberia: (+231) 77-677-7211
Peace Corps Liberia: (+231) 777-867-861/2
Office of the Defense Attach: (+231) 77-677-7156
Office of Security Cooperation: (+231) 77-677-7491
For Non-Immigrant Visa Inquiries: Call Center: If calling from Liberia: (+231) 077-000-3930 or (+231) 077-000-3931. If calling from the U.S.: (+1) 703-520-2574.

Email: Political and Economic Section:
Public Diplomacy Section:
Visa Information & American Citizen Services:
Peace Corps Liberia:

Fax: Political and Economic Section & Public Diplomacy Section: (+231) 77-677-7370
Consular Section: (+231) 077-677-7332

Opening hours: For Non-Immigrant Visas:
Call center hours are 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. each day.
For U.S.Citizens emergency services: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 2:00 -4:00pm

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Service provided in Consular section at Monrovia, Liberia

Both routine and emergency, for U.S. citizens, Monrovia, and other foreign nationals resident in Liberia.

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One thought on “US Consulate in Monrovia, Liberia

  • Trinity B WAMAH

    My nephew, ERIC BILL PEETEY with DOB OCT 5/1980, was issued his immigrant visa in March 2020. While he was making all the necessary for his travel, the coronavirus epidemic hit. There was no air travel as a result, his visa expired in July 2020. There US Embassy was closed and there was no means of contact. Now that the embassy is open he tried to contact the embassy, still he cannot. WHO CAN HE TALK TO OR WHAT CAN HE DO NOW? PLEASE ADVISE! THE PETIONER, HIS WIFE, LEEMU ROBERT WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.