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Address:U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon
Address: Awkar facing the Municipality
P.O. Box 70-840 Antelias
Note: Lebanon is 7 hours ahead of the Eastern U.S. time zone.
From the United States:
Embassy Beirut 6070 Beirut Place, Department of State
Washington DC, 20521-6070

Phone: 961-4-542-600 – 543600


Fax: (961) 4 544136

Opening hours:

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One thought on “US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon

  • Héléna Dominique Hélène Dérrien

    HELP URGENT – Sorry for disturbing you, but i have a real problem with your embassy. Early december, I did send you a recommended letter, asking you to give urgently important informations to Mr. Andrea Bougie, born on the 5th of november 1957 and who lives in the States.(I don’t have his phone number unfortunetly) In fact, instead of giving informations to Mr. Bougie, you gave them to a secretary. And that person didn’t contact Mr. Bougie. Otherwise, this last one would have answer me back staight away ! My letter was send to your embassy earlly december and a few days later, as a result of this letter, I did received numerous jokes on my line and anonymous phone calls, all from US. Even my phone line has been damaged from the US too. I had to ask help to a technician to come home to repair it . It’s monstruous and incredible, but it’s true ! Please, could you , this time, contact Mr.Bougie himself and if he is not there, tell who ever is over the phone than he has to phone you back URGENTLY. Héléna rue des Eaux Paris 16/ – 0032 470 83 63 28 – only for Mr. Bougie himself. thank you so much – Would you be kind enough to call him . It’s Importantt. If I can finally reach him, I’ll send you a little present and I’ll do it . (send me your name) With all my thanks and my best regards. Sorry to disturb you, but I have no choice left, because this is a urgent case-