Argentina Visa

PASSPORT EXTENSION FOR MINORS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: Mandatory requirements: 1.Expired Passport, or which is going to expire (up to one month before expiry); 2.D.N.I., L.C. or L.E. (no other identity documents are accepted); 3.3 photos (size 4 x 4, taken from the front, against a white background, without […]

Argentine Passport for Minors

Argentine passports are issued to citizens of Argentina by the National Registry for People (ReNaPer) to facilitate international travel. Argentine passports are valid for travel all over the world, but some countries require a visa. For traveling within South America (except the Guyanas), Argentines do not need to use a […]

Argentine Passport

A short-term resident visa may be requested by any person staying in Argentina for a period not exceeding three (3) months who falls under any of the following sub-categories: Tourists Any person coming to the Argentine Republic for recreational or leisure purposes. Requirements: Valid passport or travel document. Four pictures […]

Argentina Short-term resident visa

A person may be considered a “temporary resident” if intending to conduct one of the activities listed below in Argentina for a term not exceeding one year. Relative of a foreign citizen who is a temporary resident of Argentina A temporary resident visa may be requested by any foreign citizen […]

Argentina Temporary resident visa

Relative of an Argentine citizen or permanent resident in Argentina.” Visas for permanent residency in Argentina may be granted to foreigners who meet the following requirements: 1 – Status as spouse, parent, child under the age of eighteen (18) or of-age disabled child of a native-born Argentine citizen or Argentine […]

Argentina Permanent resident visa